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Happy Dogs Hot Sauce Featured in River Front Times

Excerpt of the full article:
Among the habaneroscenti, a bottle of Cholula hot sauce is a lot like a case of 3.2 beer: By the time the liquor starts to take effect, you’ve already made twenty sobering trips to the bathroom. Patrick Gilmore is more precise: “Cholula is an OK sauce but doesn’t have quite enough kick,” says Gilmore, an area hot sauce fanatic. “Falls flat for me unless I use a bunch of it, and by that time it drowns out the flavor of what I’m putting it on.”

To right this injustice, Gilmore created Happy Dogs Hot Sauce, a fiery blend of aged red savina habanero peppers, cayenne peppers and fresh garlic. “Fresh garlic is the key to bringing out the flavor of food without overpowering it,” Gilmore tells me. “Most sauces out there were too hot, or too bland. I set out to create a sauce that had tons of flavor, with just enough kick as not to bore you.”

And later on in the article:
“Or how about hotsauceblog.com, where collectors argue about the virtues and shortcomings of sauces that bear names like Santa’s Swollen Colon Hot Sauce and Death in the Desert Habanero Hot Sauce.

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