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Heartbreaking Dawns: Mauvais Sang (Bad Blood)

Mauvais Sang Bottle

Heartbreaking Dawns’ Mauvais Sang (Bad Blood) is a celebration of peppers, and one, I think, that any diehard chilehead would adore. It’s highly concentrated at around 85% peppers, and is one of their hottest regular production sauces, exploding with intense all-natural heat and full-spectrum pepper flavor. Mauvais Sang’s furnace is ignited by Fatalis, Trinidad and Moruga Scorpions, and Ghost peppers. These peppers combine to form a heat signature MS Bottle Backwhere the bright, fruity flavors of the Fatalis and Ghost peppers not only mitigate the scorpion’s sometimes disreputable taste, but actually compliment it, highlighting only the positive aspects of this formidable pepper. Not everyone likes the flavor of the scorpion chile, but one of the measures of the skill of an artisan sauce maker is their ability to coax the best flavors from a variety of ingredients, and Heartbreaking Dawns has done that here. The other side of the equation is the rest of the ingredients that make up Mauvais Sang: cider vinegar, water, agave, lime, coriander and salt. These additional ingredients enhance and provide extra dimension to Mauvais Sang’s overall flavor profile, and again prove that some of the best food products and taste combinations are simply created, using fresh, uncomplicated, high-quality ingredients. Indeed, Mauvais Sang is a spectacular example of these criteria. Moreover, Mauvais Sang’s aroma, taste, and appearance are the very definition of fresh, pungent, fruity, vibrant and flavorful. All of these, along with Mauvais Sang’s thick consistency let you know that HBD has set out to produce a powerhouse sauce of the highest quality. If you’re looking for an exceptional, all-natural sauce that really brings the heat, then Mauvais Sang is certainly worth checking out.

If I were to rate this sauce on a scale of 1 to 5, I’d rate it an enthusiastic 4½, and would heartily recommend it to spicy food connoisseurs and heat daredevils alike. As far as uses go, it can be used on food topically to great effect, but is probably more ideal as an ingredient. It’s a wonderful addition to homemade BBQ, Italian-style, and Asian sauces; especially eastern Indian. For instance, I added about half a bottle (1 oz.) to roughly 6 ounces of Vindaloo sauce and used it as a “wing” glaze. They turned out blazingly hot, but absolutely delicious. The onion, ginger, curry, and garlic of the Vindaloo figured in perfectly with the vibrant heat and multifaceted flavors of Mauvais Sang. The taste was fantastic and the endorphin rush spellbinding. (Mauvais Sang and other Heartbreaking Dawns products can be found here.)

Mauvais Sang's flavor and heat profile are perfect for Indian-inspired dishes.

Mauvais Sang’s flavor and heat profile are perfect for Indian-inspired dishes.

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