Posted August 21, 2012 by Matt in Bloggers

Heat In the Heartland “hearts” El Yucateco Green

“Green with envy.” I’m not sure how that expression got started other than perhaps being an oblique reference to Shakespeare’s green-eyed emotion. But if someone had El Yucateco “Green”, and I didn’t, I’d be envious. And maybe not just envious, but downright jealous :-D .

El Yucateco green is one of THE finest hot sauces around. It’s plentiful, fairly easy to find, cheap, and tastes incredibly good. El Yucateco is one of my top 10 favorite sauces. It has a lively aroma and flavor that smells and tastes like the habaneros were picked and made into a sauce the very day one breaks the seal on the bottle. It has one of the freshest, most vibrant tastes of any sauce out there, and will elevate almost any dish, certainly anything of the Mexican variety. Me? I personally love it on charbroiled hamburgers. The fresh pepper taste and heat were made for anything one would normally put vegetables on such as pizza, eggs, kebabs, you name it. However, I recently decided to do something really outrageous, and try it on Mexican fare. I had it on beef tacos with molé. The pungent vibrancy of El Yucateco Green was a wonderful contrast to the combination of the sweet and savory spices of the molé and tacos.

El Yucateco “Green” on beef tacos with molé. Scrumptious. The heat, vibrancy and zing of El Yucateco really breathes life into what is already a tasty dish!

All of El Yucateco’s sauces are standouts, but to me, El Yucateco Green is in a class all its own. It’s a little gem that could be easily overlooked and passed on the aisle at one’s local market; but please, don’t pass it by any longer! You’ll surely be missing out if you do! Check out my “Yucateco and Taco” adventure in action…

El Yucateco can be found on the web here!


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