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Heavenly Heat Chipotle Gourmet Hot Sauce

HeavenlyHeat-ChipotleHeavenly Heat produces a wide range of products from gourmet sauces to dry seasonings and dust to fire sauces. The list of Heavenly Heat’s gourmet sauces on their website appear interesting with their ingredients. For my review I have picked the Chipotle Gourmet Hot Sauce.



Chipotle Peppers, Roasted Roma Tomatoes, Caramelized Sweet Onion, White Wine Vinegar, Dark Brown Sugar, Fresh Garlic and Spices.


Deep ketchup red with a nice thick pour.

Smell and Taste:

This sauce from Heavenly Heat smells of smokey chipotle peppers, and the initial taste is of sweet Roma tomato and caramelized onion, followed by the taste of the chipotle peppers with very little heat but with a good pepper taste.




What to Expect:

This Nice rich sauce pours easily and is well-suited for poultry dishes and salads with its sweet taste and very Mild heat. This sauce is wearing a halo for a reason….chili pepper horns have been tamed. This is a good sauce for adding smoked chipotle pepper taste without the fear of heat, and is great for use in a general table sitting where serving those who can’t take the heat but you would still like to provide them the flavor experience of chipotle.

Final Word:

I was expecting a little more heat from the chipotle, but over all this is a good sweet sauce for a group sitting of less experienced in the culinary taste of gourmet hot sauces. This is definitely an introductory-level sauce. If you would like to try a few more of the range of sauces, visit the company at their website.

Pedro T. Pepper