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High River Sauces’ Rogue

Rogure BottleI’ve heard nothing but good things about High River Sauces, and had been eager to try their products for awhile. So when I first heard of Rogue, their Moruga Scorpion, Blood Orange pepper sauce, I knew I couldn’t put it off any longer. This is the first product of theirs I’ve tried, and it’s sure not to be the last.

On the outside, Rogue has a vintage, eye-catching label that’s classy and understated; but on the inside, Rogue is anything but understated–it’s a sweet, fiery blend of apple cider vinegar, blood orange concentrate, pears, applesauce, Scorpion peppers, brown sugar, Jolokia peppers, Red Serrano peppers, lime juice, ginger and garlic. The presence of blood orange is the first tip-off this particular sauce has left the reservation, and, true to its name, gone rogue. The blood orange, along with the rest of the all-natural line-up of ingredients delivers a sauce that’s not only distinctive, but, more importantly, one that also harnesses that desirable balance of both tremendous flavor and ideal heat level. Rogue has a citrus-y, piquantly fruity aroma, and is a delicious combination of both sweet and tangy. Moreover, Rogue’s superb level of heat and slow build lets one experience this full range of rich, multidimensional flavor without incinerating their taste buds…too much ;-) . Along with being a tasty, well-balanced hot sauce, Rogue’s consistency also contributes to its exceptional versatility because it adheres equally well to almost anything it’s applied to; it’s earthy, yet smooth, and pours languidly and easily from the bottle.

All of these attributes make Rogue remarkably well-suited to a wide range of foods and dishes, and I’ve enjoyed it on everything from turkey and cornbread stuffing (!) to burgers and egg rolls, and not only would it take meatballs to a new level, but it would be a natural in a sweet and sour pork or orange chicken glaze. (As an impulse, I just tried Rogue with Hershey’s Milk Chocolate and peanut butter. Now I’m thinking a spicy “PB&J” on toasted whole grain sounds very promising.) Like most well-crafted sauces, Rogue is as versatile as it is flavorful, and I’m confident that anyone who’s tried it would agree that it’s destined to become an enduring classic. (Check out High River Sauces here!)

Rogue worked much better with the egg rolls than the sauce packets they came with.

Rogue worked much better with egg rolls than the sauce packets they came with.

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