Posted May 10, 2006 by Anthony in Reviews

Historic Lynchburg Tennessee Whiskey Steak and Burger Seasoning Review

In our house we go through Costco sized Montreal Steak spice with freaky regularity. Yes we like to eat a lot of steaks. Plus I add it too sandwiches, burgers, popcorn, even soups. I just love the flavour of it. I have tried other spice mixes but nothing has come close the versatility and great flavour of the original Montreal Steak Spike.

Jack Daniels Steak Seasoning

When I received this to review I was tentative at first. Reason being, I have just gone through reviewing the Lynchburg 151 BBQ sauce and the 151 Habanero Sauce (see reviews). I think I found out why I am hesitant to douse my striploin with this spice. I think I found out why this series of condiments is being halted from a commercial explosion. These products are good, but not great. And I believe the reason why, is that they are trying too hard. So here we go.

The package carries the same label as the rest of the line. What I found weird was that the actual container is a tinted colour. Perhaps this is for freshness issues due to the ingredients, but I couldn’t find anything in the list that would warrant this.

Ingredients: Kosher salt, black pepper, dill seed, coriander seed, red pepper, garlic, spices, soy bean oil, natural flavors, Jack Daniel’s Black Label Whiskey

So this taste is going to be more like Jack Daniel’s Steak & Burger Seasoning vs. Montreal Steak Spice. A newcomer vs. the venerable veteran.

The first thing I noticed after opening this was the aroma of the JD S&B seasoning. There was something in there I wasn’t accustomed too. That is not a bad thing, it just took some getting used to. So I did as the label said. I rubbed this spice on the steak a few hours before cooking. Hopefully the flavours will sink in as they promised. The other steak (for my hot sauce hottie) had our standard Montreal Steak Spice.

Now both list salt as the first ingredient. I have now found out why the container was tinted. There is a lot of salt. Almost so much so that I almost was tempted to take some off the steak. I thought perhaps it may have clumped in the container. But as I flipped over the steak and poured more seasoning out……..yup more salt.

The moment of truth arrived. With both steaks perfectly prepared medium-well I presented them with some fresh asparagus and potato cakes. And you know what. It was great. It didn’t beat the Montreal Steak Spice. But it held its own. I was quite impressed. So was my better half.

Jack Daniels Steak Seasoning

The flavour of this spice was just incredible and we both took turns trying each others steak. I think there may be still a little too much salt, but that aside I can’t wait to try this on my burgers or whatever else needs a good kick. Heat is non existent. But again, this never claimed to have any. Just great flavour through and through. Great stuff!!!

Packaging – 8/10
Aroma – 7/10
Appearance – 7/10
Taste – 9/10
Heat – 1/10
Overall – 8/10

Historic Lynchburg Tennessee Whiskey Steak and Burger Seasoning
Simmered and Bottled by Lynchburg Merchandise Co.
P.O. Box 8007, Lynchburg TN 37352