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Holy Hannah – Habanero Pepper Sauce

Holy Hannah Hot SauceHoly Hannah – Habanero Pepper Sauce
Fairfield CT –
That is all the info I have.
It was great receiving this sauce. I swear I have seen [tag]hot sauces[/tag] like this a hundred times before. You know the peddler at the local flea market, food show, outdoor market. The one that you have an appreciation for but pass up cause you have one just like it (or so you think) in the fridge. Well this is it. And you know what…….I wished I never passed them up (at least once).

Straight up this is a good sauce. I can picture some guy growing his own habaneros, grinding them up in the kitchen with his wife yelling in the background that the paint is peeling off the walls. Having a few beers, mixing up ingredients and then trying to come up with a clever name with his buddies over a sports game. Yup, this is that sauce.

Nothing ground breaking here. I mean when this arrived all I had to do was untwist the cap and take a swig. It is hot like a [tag]habanero[/tag] should be. Hot enough to wet the brow of a newbie and hot enough for the dedicated chili-head to take a sip straight from the bottle with no adverse reaction.

All across the board this sauce is average good. I think with some better marketing it can be good enough to fool people to believing it is above average good.

The ingredients are simple (but I like em): Lots of Fresh Habaneros, Distilled Vinegar, Onions, Carrots, Garlic, Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice and Canola Oil.

This sauce will go well with just about anything. The ingredients do list Fresh Habaneros as the first item and it is true, there are lot of habaneros in here. This vinegar quotient is listed as second but it is not that bad. The veggies do shine in this bottle with a very pleasant orange glow.

Hannah Sauasage

I decided I would give this sauce a shot with some kielbasa that has habaneros blended into it (this kielbasa deserves a review of it’s own). Needless to say it was a double wammy here. I did notice though that after the pour the oil separated quickly from the rest of the sauce.

I am going to give this sauce the benefit of the doubt and say I enjoyed it a lot. I think Holy Hannah has a good product here in terms of a fresh habanero sauce. There is definitely nothing ground breaking though – it is just……there. Perhaps with some fine tuning it could become a player in this very competitive industry.

Packaging – 5/10
Aroma – 7/10
Appearance – 7/10
Taste – 7/10
Heat – 8/10
Overall – 7/10