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Honey Badger BBQ Sauce Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Another Kickstarter campaign to check out – this one had me laughing from the start. I came across it originally on and then the Badger boys emailed me directly. Their Kickstarter campaign is here

The sauce combines the tastes of real HONEY and freshly chopped HABANERO chili peppers in a tangy barbeque sauce ready for your burgers, ribs, chicken and even king cobra! At first encounter the unique spices and honey flavor hit your taste buds, not too sweet like most sickly sauces out there, but just right to combine with what is coming, the slow build of the habanero heat!

The heat builds to a level that will cause the uninitiated to raise their brows, exhale through pursed lips, and exclaim “wow that’s hot, but I like it” whilst the pepper connoisseur will nod in approval, and state “now that’s what I want BBQ sauce to taste like”. It really is COBRA STRENGTH.

Which brings us to the bottle: no ordinary boring container was badass enough to contain this spicy awesomeness, so we set to work creating a tribute to this most fearless of mammals.

The bottle features a snarling Honey Badger locked in combat with a deadly cobra, the cobra is in the process of sinking his fangs into the badger’s neck, but it is already in the death grip of the Badger’s vicious claws, and its fate is sealed. Show up with this bottle to your next BBQ with friends and you will be sure to create a stir, you might even make it to BBQ hero status.

As a further tribute to this badass creature we bring you Honey Badger BBQ Sauce T-Shirts designed by illustrator Karlie McCulloch. Printed on ultra soft cotton right here in the USA. A great way to get your Honey Badger on. After the close of funding we will contact you to get your preferred size.

Now we know some of you can take the heat, Cobra Strength is hot, but most can take its powerful punch and live to tell the story.  As a special treat for those that love the habanero burn we bring you:

Kickstarter exclusive TRIPLE COBRA STRENGTH

This is a different ball game. So powerful that we’re only permitted to make a limited edition run of one batch per year of the stuff. Rumour has it that Triple Cobra strength might even be too strong for the real Honey Badger, we don’t know yet, but with your help maybe we can find out.

Each limited edition TRIPLE COBRA Strength bottle is embellished with an embossed metal badge with its own unique ID number etched on to it. If you feel tough enough, grab one before they go, when they are gone, they are gone! But be warned, this stuff if hot hot hot.

Wait WHAT? The Golden Badger Club

The 24 Carat Gold plated GOLDEN BADGER is your gateway into this exclusive club. There are only 5 available, and only 5 will ever be issued each year. Once a year we will produce a batch of Triple Cobra Strength sauce, the recipe will change each year just to keep it exciting, and holding a Golden Badger you are guaranteed to receive 10 refills of each batch, every time it is made. Think of it like a really vicious badass version of a wine club, with no annual fees.

We will ship this shiny monster, and the 10 refills of Triple Cobra he comes with free, to anywhere in the world.

So where did the sauce come from?

It came from our own frustrations with the BBQ sauce offerings available. No sauce we could find could really be described as spicy, let alone habanero hot! And the honey flavour is so often overdone; leaving you feeling like you should be spreading it on toast rather than ribs. So to the kitchen we went, and after 6 months of tinkering we’d perfected our own special recipe.

Leigh in the kitchen, 4 Habanero's per sauce!
Leigh in the kitchen, 4 Habanero’s per sauce!

Our home made sauce was a huge hit with friends and family and due to its powerful kick and sweet tangy flavour it quickly earned the name “Honey Badger BBQ Sauce”. Why you might ask? Well the phrase “wow that’s badass” was used so often that the comparison was obvious.

There is no animal like the honey badger, he chases lions, fights monitor lizards three times his size, and generally does whatever the heck he wants. If you haven’t seen the epic “The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger” narrated by Randall, we encourage you to check it out on youtube. An amazing summary of the beast that truly defines badass!

His favourite prey is on another level: King Cobra, one of the most venomous snakes on the planet. The Honey Badger attacks them ruthlessly, not fearing their bite, because unlike any other mammal he can overcome a full injection of poison by having a little sleep. A few minutes later he wakes up to feast on his serpent snack. So what else could our sauce be but COBRA STRENGTH!

So where do you come in? 

Well we have worked to get the truly badass bottle design to a point where it can be mass manufactured right here in the good old USA (two of us may be English but we like it here). We have also just put the finishing touches on our production recipe which takes the original homemade sauce and adapts it to be produced in large batches, even the FDA approves…………..

On top of what we’ve personally invested to get this far it’s going to take another $40,000 to make this awesome sauce and badass bottle a reality. Here’s what we need the cash for:

  • Produce the custom tooling to mold the Honey Badger bottles
  • Manufacture our first run of these bottles
  • Produce the first batch of sauce
  • Get everything packed and stacked ready to ship out to you guys

We have lead times quoted of around 10 weeks from order to delivery and plan to have the first precious bottles of sauce out to you before the summer’s out.

*With regards to Shipping, we have been working with the best distribution specialists we can find to get the best shipping rates available. After the close of the funding period we will contact you to get your address and organize payment of shipping if applicable to your reward.

Unfortunately we can’t offer free shipping on all our rewards as the weight and size of the bottles in small numbers makes the cost too high. We also want to give those of you who pledge for multiple rewards the chance to consolidate on shipping and save your hard earnt pennies. The values shown here are maximums and we’ll work hard to find cheaper deals on shipping if we can.

Shipping to United States (note additions for HI/AK):

  • 1 Cobra Strength BBQ Sauce – Max $9
  • 3 Cobra Strength BBQ Sauce – Max $10**
  • 1 Cobra Strength BBQ Sauce + 1 T-Shirt – Max $9
  • 3 Cobra Strength BBQ Sauce + 1 T-Shirt – Max $10**
  • 1 Triple Cobra BBQ Sauce – FREE SHIPPING
  • 1 Triple Cobra BBQ Sauce + 1 T-Shirt – FREE SHIPPING
  • 1 Triple Cobra + 3 Cobra Sauces + 1 T-Shirt – FREE SHIPPING**
  • 1 Triple Cobra + 6 Cobra Sauces + 2 T-Shirts – FREE SHIPPING**
  • Golden Badger – FREE SHIPPING

** Hawaii & Alaska add $5

If you pledge multiple times for multiple rewards we will consolidate your packages and reduce your overall shipping cost. 

International Shipping (see note below for Canada):

  • 1 Cobra Strength BBQ Sauce – Max $18
  • 3 Cobra Strength BBQ Sauce – Max $50
  • 1 Cobra Strength BBQ Sauce + 1 T-Shirt – Max $22
  • 3 Cobra Strength BBQ Sauce + 1 T-Shirt – Max $53
  • 1 Triple Cobra BBQ Sauce – Max $18
  • 1 Triple Cobra BBQ Sauce + 1 T-Shirt –  Max $22
  • 1 Triple Cobra + 3 Cobra Sauces + 1 T-Shirt –  Max $60
  • 1 Triple Cobra + 6 Cobra Sauces + 2 T-Shirts   Max $65  
  • Golden Badger – FREE SHIPPING

Canadian backers:  expect a 30% to 45% reduction from the max rates quoted above. 

If you pledge multiple times for multiple rewards we will consolidate your packages and reduce your overall shipping cost.

So there you have it, we need your help to spice up the BBQ world and take our backyard parties to the next level! We hope you enjoy our product, we love it, and may the Badger be with you.

Nick Lindauer

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