Posted February 9, 2008 by Justin in Reviews

Review Hot Doc’s sarah seasoning

Hot Doc's Seasoning

This seasoning packet came to me in a small plastic bag, on the bag it says controllable heat, great flavor. And I read on there web site that its basically the same flavor as there hot sauce but not as spicy. I took a pinch of it and the sauce must be pretty hot because it left a nice burning in my entire mouth, the best thing about the flavor of this is that it is not salty. Sodium is listed as the second to last ingredient but unlike a lot of spices that are out there I can barely taste any saltiness. Habanero’s are the biggest flavor here and also the first flavor for to hit your taste buds, in the aftertaste the onion (tastes like onion powder) and garlic are a little more powerful. The seasoning is fairly good sized flakes with a good amount of seed bits in it. one interesting ingredient in this seasoning is tomato paste, I don’t really buy a lot of seasoning just because I make my own every year so it might not mean anything that I have never seen it before but I thought that it was an odd ingredient for a dry seasoning. I think it’s the reason that the seasoning seemed to dissolve as soon as it hit my tongue. For a meal with it I decided to go with the basic chicken breast. I put a good amount of seasoning on it because I like it hot, and then baked it. the end results where great, the flavor went really good with the chicken and it left a nice long lasting burn on my lips and in my through.

Hot Doc's Seasoning

Hot Doc's Seasoning

Ingredients: hot peppers (mostly habanero’s) spices, tomato paste, onions, garlic, vinegar, sodium, lemon juice.

Contact info: packed in Anderson, Indiana. Comments or questions email hot doc at (I tried to contact him with a question for my review at that email address and it didn’t work, I am listing it anyway because its on the package and who knows maybe it will be in service by the time you read this. I also have the website address that I found in a search if you scroll down the the price portion of this review.

Flavor: 8/10 it was unique from most seasoning that I have tried, I think because of the tomato paste, I’m not sure how that works in a dry seasoning but I liked it.
Heat: its not insanely hot like I like my sauces but for a dry seasoning it has a really good amount of heat and leaves a long lasting burn after the meal is finished.
Price: there is no website on the package but I did the research and found this site on this site it lists the 2.5 tbls of seasoning for $3.50
Overall: 8.5/10 I enjoyed this product and would recommend it.