Posted September 6, 2007 by Anthony in Makers

Hot Flash – T2-99 Now available for pre-ordering!

Dear ChiliPal,

So many fun and amazing things have been going on in death sauce land!
New Reserves, New Chip Flavors, New Hot Sauces. All coming soon! And an ever growing legion of chiliheads joining us (Over 40,000 New ChiliHeads This Year Alone). This year I have decided to Make the Texas Reserve available online (Only about 45 of the 99 bottles) ORDER
NOW- The price online is $200. ($50. Per bottle Sold online will be donated to (I am a big fan of what they do). If you choose to acquire a Bottle at the Show in Texas, the Price is $150. Please note- This is the last of a Generation of Reserves. Starting with the 2007 Halloween Reserve I have created an entirely new concept. This T2-99 Is the Last bottle of its Kind to ever be produced. Again only 99 bottles are available Worldwide.

Also please note- Due to an incredibly high order demand, placing your order and receiving an email confirmation is no guarantee of receiving your order. We will take orders on a first come first serve basis and I will make sure that my death team does our very best to make as many chilipals as happy as we can. Much more info soon.

Wishing you all my best. Feel Alive!

Your Chilipal,