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Hot-Headz- Red Savina Hot Pepper Sauce

Hot-Headz Red Savina Hot Pepper SauceThe Red Savina Habanero was, for around a decade, the hottest Chilli in the world until the current rush of new contenders. It weighs in at around 577,000 SHU’s so you can see how out gunned it is now compared to the Butch T and the like.

I had never tasted the chilli before, but had heard about its fruity citrus flavours, which are very common with the Habanero family.

Ingredients: Water, Red Savina Chilli 39%, Onion, Lemon Juice, Natural Preservatives Acetic Acid E260 and Citric Acid E330, Passion Fruit Juice, Garlic, Natural Thickener Xanthum Gum E415.

Bottle kindly supplied by Hot-Headz

The branding is very familiar, the usual quality glossy, well laid out labels giving all the information needed.

This sauce looks quite runny and is a deep orangey red colour from the 39% Red Savina content, and once tasted there is a great burn which is instantly there on the tongue, and also on the back of my throat. I get the usual vinegary hit but the label suggests acetic acid (which is the main component of vinegar without the water)

All the Habanero sauces I’ve tried have a distinctive acid taste which I actually quite like, and this sauce is not overpowering unlike some others out there. There are definite fruity undertones coming through, but that is also influenced by the lemon and passion fruit juice this sauce contains.

This sauce is definitely hot, the label itself gives a 4 out of 5 rating but it’s all natural, no extract here.

So for £3.49 you get 148mls of a former title holder and a very tasty versatile sauce available from


Value ********~~

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