Posted August 1, 2006 by Nick Lindauer in Hot Sauce News

Hot Sauce Clue – #1


Clue #1
Once upon a time there was one tongue that bore the chore of tasting hot sauces galore. A quest to tame the zest was taken and one was the best. Find the holy grail to quench the fire and the prize is yours to use a you desire

Hint #1
The answer to the quest resides on a site right before your eyes.

The prize: A gift package of Nando’s Sauces: 2 Nando’s T-Shirts, 1 Nando’s Cookbook and several Nando’s Sauces.

Here are the rules:
– A series of clues will be released.
– You’ll have to follow the clues around the web (not just on the HSB) to certain markers.
– Each ‘marker’ will be clear and will identify itself as such.
– The first person to correctly post the location of each “marker” (one per clue) will win.
– All clues will be released on the HSB at random times throughout the day (not just according to our usual schedule). No more then one clue will be released each day.

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