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Hot Sauce Collector’s Corner – Edition #5

Are you a collector looking for a certain bottle? Do you have a collectible bottle you’re looking to sell? Have anything else that may be of interest to [tag]hot sauce[/tag] collectors in general? If so, drop the HSB a note here and we’ll post it in the Hot Sauce Collector’s Corner. If you have a bottle to sell or trade, send us a note as well and we’ll see what we can find for you. This is a free service brought to you by the HSB for all the [tag]chilehead[/tag] readers. You can show appreciation by buying a bottle of Hot Blog Sauce – the first hot sauce for bloggers and all the proceeds are going to the American Cancer Society.

Looking For…

Blair’s 24k Skull?
Looking for a Blair’s signature death sauce skull dipped in 24kt gold with display case. Seen some 6 AM’s that come with them, I wasn’t so lucky. Leave a post here if you can help me out. Willing to give up my first born stepson – j/k ~ Ryan

Rare Blair’s Reserves
I am looking for a Caldera and a 2004 Halloween Reserve, both are fairly rare and pricey, but I would be interested if anybody had one to sell. ~ Cheffy

Signed & Numbered Blair’s 2AM
Anyone have a signed AND numbered red AND black resin 2am they want to sell? I can get the just signed red and black but I want the numbered one too. ~ Scott

For Sale/Trade…

Blair’s Holiday Reserve 2004
I have a holiday reserve 2004 that I would love to trade for a bottle not in my collection. if anyone is interested post. ~ MikeG

Blair’s 5AM #891
I have an extra Blair’s 5am #891 looking for a home without one and I’m pretty sure I could find a double digit (under #27) Le Million ~ Thakswet

Old Style Blair’s After Death
Chris has a few bottles of the old label Blair’s After Death. They can be found here on eBay – Tell him you found it here on the HSB.


Preston & Steve’s Fire in the Hole Hot Sauce – Signed
In the first Collector’s Corner, Chris was kind enough to tell us about the Fire in the Hole Hot Sauce made by WMMR. Here’s the latest from Chris:
I made it to the radio station today and the meet the WMMR morning crew. All of them signed a bottle for me. Maybe not a big deal, but I believe its the only signed bottle in existence. Most people wouldn’t find that exciting or special except for the true sauce collectors that frequent the HSB. I can send you a pic if you wish and maybe put it up? I hung around for about 40 minutes, but did not get to plug the blog on air. They had to much to get through on their show. Not to pest you, I had to tell someone who would really care. (the loyal chileheads on the HSB). ~ Chris

On eBay this week
Blair’s 6am Hot Sauce
Blair’s 6AM #364
Blair’s 6AM #366
Hot Sauce From Hell – Rare older bottle with wax seal
Blairs 2am Reserve Hot sauce # 702
Blair’s 3 AM Hot Sauce Additive – Signed Bottle #6114
PREMIER 750 Bottle Hot Sauce Collection
Blair’s Caldera Reserve #219�
Blair’s 4 AM #722

The Cafe Tequila line from Original Juan has been discontinued. Bottles are still fairly available at various hot sauce stores across the country, but this line is no longer in production.

HSB Collector’s Corner
While you working on sending your collection pictures to Blair, you may as well send them on to the HSB and show off your collection to the other chileheads. Submissions can be sent to nick ‘@’ hotsauceblog.com.
Include a brief description of your collection and we’ll post it for all to drool over. Previously posted collections can be seen here. If you’ve sent in pictures lately, we’ll get them up soon, I promise – still recovering from Super Bowl Wing OD.

Reminder – please send your requests for collector’s items and/or for sale notices using the contact form. Leave a comment if you have a bottle that some is looking for (or you could use the form as well) and we’ll put you in touch.

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