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Hot Sauce Collector’s Corner – Edition #6

Looking for…

Numbered 2 & 3AMs
I’m still looking for a red and black numbered 2AM and a numbered red, black and yellow 3AM. ~ Scott

Smokin’ Hot Pot & Dave’s Reserve
I’m lookin for a Blair’s Smokin Hot Pot, and a Daves reserve 94/95 ~ Parker

Blair’s Items
-numbered 2am with black and red wax
-beyond death
-numbered sweet death
-smoki’n hot pot with hacky sac
-jar of death garden,cheese dip,salsa with ginsing(not the new bottles)
-full or empty bags of origional lable chips
-copy of roling stone or maxim that had blair’s article
~ eman

Satan’s Slow Burn
I’m looking for Satan’s Slow Burn.
I haven’t seen any around for a long time. ~ Jeff


N-59 for a 2004 Halloween Reserve
Cheffy has an N-59 he will trade for a 2004 Halloween Reserve – ONLY! No other trades considered.

‘HOT’ eBay Auctions
Blair’s B-99 B99 Reserve Hot Sauce #99 / 99
Blair’s Collectors B-99 B 99 Hot Sauce Blairs Blair #57
Dave’s Insanity Private Reserve 1998 Hot Sauce – #17115

2003 Chile North Bottles
#265 Chile North Ice Hot 2003 Limited Ed
#271 Chile North Ice Hot 2003 Limited Ed
#283 Chile North Ice Hot 2003 Limited Ed

Collectibles @ SNS
Blair’s LeMillion #53 (this one is not listed on the site)
Blair’s 6AM #709
Blair’s 16 Million #918 & #923
Blair’s 5AM – Cracked & Leaking – make offer.
Blair’s Hot Pot & Smokin’ Hot Pot – with bracelets
If your interested in any of the reserves listed above, drop an email to nick ‘@’ hotsauceblog.com

cracked and leaking 5AM


Joe Perry’s Hot Sauces
Joe Perry’s Hot Sauces are no longer going to be made by Ashley Foods. The bottles are undergoing a label and bottling change – so save the ones you have! You can still get the discontinued bottles at Sweat ‘N Spice in our Joe Perry’s Sauce Section.

Texas Hold’Em Hot Sauce
The Texas Hold ‘Em Hot Sauce is no longer being made in 8fl. oz. bottles. They are still producing this sauce, but in 6.5fl. oz. bottles. 8oz. bottles are also still available.

Signed & Numbered 2 & 3AMs
There has been a lot of talk of people looking for signed & numbered 2 and 3AMs. While they are still out there (9,999 were numbered) many sites that use images of signed and numbered bottles only have the signed bottles in stock – so ask before you order.

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