Posted December 28, 2004 by Nick Lindauer in Hot Sauce News

"Hot" Sauce Flavored Snacks

Evans Hot Sauce Corn Chips

Hot Sauce Corn Chips

These corn chips were a great surprise. They’re shaped a lot like Fritos, and they’ve got what seems at first like just a mildly hot seasoning. The heat keeps growing, though, and most people who tried these eventually choked on the hot seasoning that lodged in the throat. It’s not as hot as the really good hot Sundance corn chips, but it’s hot enough to mess you up if you weren’t expecting it. Good stuff!

Evans Hot Sauce Flavored Cheese Nibs

These look like short, stubby cheese puffs, except that they’ve got a fiery red coloring. The texture is sort of crunchy but a bit styrofoamy, and the taste is pretty hot, but without a whole lot of other appeal as far as the flavor goes. If you like hot stuff, they’re OK, but given the wide variety of hot-flavored snacks available in the Chicago area, you can do a lot better than these. The competing Jay’s Hot Stuff Crunchy Cheezlets win over these in both texture and taste, with a far superior crunch and a way better flavor. Still, this was a pretty big bag of snacks for just 50 cents.

Vitner’s The Original Louisiana The Perfect Hot Sauce Flavored Potato Chips
These are excellent hot chips. The chips were thinly sliced and very crisp, and nearly even chip in this small bag was unbroken, including several impressively large ones. The taste was great! There was an impressive, though not overwhelming, heat, combined with an excellent, tasty flavor. I ate my way through the whole bag pretty quickly.

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