Posted September 6, 2005 by Nick Lindauer in Hot Sauce News

Hot Sauce Lover in a Black Pepper World

HSB Readers – Welcome Linda, our newest reviewer, all the way from Canada!

Hello from just north of Toronto Ontario!

I am a mom of 2, grandmother of 5. My first foray into the world of hot food was wings, I suppose like many people. They were never hot enough.

Then one day my husband and I went into a new place and I orderd hot wings. “Are you sure” asked the waiter? “um, yeah….” “May I recommend mild to start?”

We settled on the medium and my husband sat, amused, and watched me struggle to eat the first one. I made it. And finished the order, although I think I had about 3 cokes too.

My family thinks I am adopted. My husband sighs when I order hot sauce online. The dog won’t eat my food.

My son and son-in-law have recently switched sides and are starting to agree with me though, NEEDS MORE HOT SAUCE!!!

It was 1990 before I found out why food always lacked something, to me. Now I have it figured out, blah food is blah.

I have over 100 hot sauces and similar items in my cupboard.

My favourite hot sauce is still Melinda’s 4***Reserve, love the flavour and the heat. It’s not full of spices or other ingredients. My friend Bill told me that the best part of a new bottle of hot sauce is to be savoured: opening it carefully and inhaling that habanero aroma! MMM!

Bill, I understand now.

Now I understand!

Nick Lindauer

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