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Hot Sauce Review: The Hot Sauce Underground

Hot Sauce Review: The Hot Sauce Underground
“For Chiliheads by Chiliheads”

Hot Sauce Underground

Full of intrigue and mystery, we have all heard small tid bits about this sauce but nothing substantial. Some threads here and there talk about iton occasion, you can also find a picture or two of the label on a couple of our friends websites around, but still- it’s not clear or anything to really wrap your hands around. So I have the challenge and in my opinion the honor to shed some light on this Hot Sauce Enigma. In recognition of the eBay auction for Jim Campbell’s “Stairway to Heaven” World Record Attempt, visit for more information, founding members of the HSU have come out of the dark so to say to raise attention to Jim’s cause. The realization of being able to make an impact and to also HBO- “Helpa Brother Out”, this usually secretive society is doing their own “Stepping Up”.

“The Hot Sauce Underground (HSU) is a small brotherhood of chileheads, bound together by the love of all things hot. A very limited number of the HSU hot sauce bottles made their journey around the country to be signed by each of the founding members:”

    Eric N. aka “eman”/ “Captain Capsicum”
    Chris K. aka “head moderator of the HSB”
    Ryan D. aka “”
    Tracy C. aka “Cap’n Bones”

So lets paint a picture here, back in March during the Feiry Foods Show in Albuquerque, New Mexico not all the bloggers had made the pilgrimage- not anywhere near the amount that sounds like are travelling to Forth Worth, Texas for Zest Fest this year. A small group represented us there and by the readings and the pictures they had a real good time. Some of us had that left out feeling, so to strike up comradery and build relationships a small group of four hardcore bloggers cooked up an idea for a sauce they could call their own. A sauce that would travel the country, be signed by the four of them, and shared by the four of them. 36 bottles in all were produced; 16 signed were signed by the original 4 members, 4 more bottles were signed by CaJohn, Wicked Wanza, and MSK for again the original 4 members, and with now only 5 remaining bottles that are unsigned and until recently undecided on who they would go to or how they could be used (if you have one you’re lucky). In my humble opinion it couldn’t be for a better cause or for a better guy.

Hot Sauce Underground

Ingredients: Red Savina Habanero Chiles, Vinegar, Onion, Tomatoes, Lemon Juice, Salt, Garlic

Ok, enough of that, let’s get to the meat and potatoes of this bad boy! Red Savina Habanero Chiles kick major butt. When you break the seal on this bottle the pepper smell is strong, the Vinegar base is apparent but not to overbearing. The Tomatoes and Onions are faint but recognizable, and give this sauce a nice body. Not as thick as it looks, The HSU Sauce pours pretty quickly but sticks well to food and to the Classic Triscuit Test. The texture of the sauce is that of a very fine puree, with very small pepper pieces and evidence of the ground seeds all throughout it.

Hot Sauce Underground

This product is not for children or for those who have a mild tolerance for heat!


Did I mention that Red Savina Chiles kick major butt? The HSU Sauce is a Feisty and Angry sauce, the heat jumps right out and takes control. The flavor is outstanding, and my first impression without thinking was “This Tastes Fresh”. Being the consistency that it is and the heat that it brings, this sauce is in your face but not a “Show Stealer”, it complimented everything I tried it on. I cooked a Butterflied Boneless Pork Chop with some steamed (oversteamed!) Asparagus, Corn on the Cob, and Lipton’s Tomato & Basil Noodles. By the end of the meal my nose was running, my lips and tongue were numb, and it felt like my mouth was smoking, I loved every minute of it.

Conclusion: This is one mean sauce, one of the hotter non-extracts I have tried and one of the tastier ones at that. I love a good strong Habanero sauce, throw in the fact that it tastes fresh, and to me you have a winner on your hands. Produced by Cajohn’s Fiery Foods for Cape Fear Pepper Company. These four guys, the founding members of the Hot Sauce Underground have a superb hot sauce here. Not only is it now part of this incredible act of selflessness and humanity by Jim and his efforts, everyone involved in this mystery sauce can say they helped Jim just a little bit. From the top of the industry, to both sides, and all the camps inbetween have come together with one goal in mind, support one of our own. Isn’t that what it’s all about!

Hot Sauce Underground

Packaging/Label: 10 out of 10
Aroma: 10 out of 10
Taste: 10 out of 10
Heat: 10 out of 10
Overall: 10 out of 10………………..This one’s for you Jim

Jim Campbell
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