Posted February 17, 2005 by Nick Lindauer in Hot Sauce News

Hot Sauce will be the death of me…

Okay – I’ve posted before on the effects of Hot Sauce in your eye. In case you are not aware, hot sauce in your eye is very very very painful. And that’s just regular hot sauce. I’ve spoken with many people who have rubbed their eyes or nether regions after cutting or handling jalapeno or even habanero peppers. Their stories never have a happy eneding. Well today, I didn’t get the sauce in my eye, but I did learn first hand the meaning of rosey palms.

Let me explain…
Last week our inventory order arrived and we were putting items away when I happend across a bottle of The Da’ Bomb Final Answer that was damaged in shipping and was leaking slighty. Now mind you, when I say leaking slightly, I mean the leak was hardly visible and there was essentially nothing wrong with the bottle, but I knew we couldn’t sell it anyways. So off it went to my fridge to join the rest of my rejected hot sauce collection.
Last night I opened the fridge to grab a beer and I moved the Da’ Bomb Final Answer to the side, as it was in the way of my beer. Well we all know that after 4-5 (maybe even six) beers most humans have to visit the bathroom and break the dam. As I was going to the bathroom I began feeling a slight tingling sensation down below. By the time I had finished up, I had a full blown brush fire going on and thanks to the 5 beers, I could’nt figure out what the hell was happening. 5 minutes into the wild fire, I thought my d#@k was going to fall of. Hell, I even thought about taking it off. The pain was absurd and as I was in tears, the wife was cracking up, enjoying my pain. (I’ll tell you about her Jalapeno story in depth later)
Holy crap – this was the worst thing I’ve ever done with hot sauce, and that includes getting Blair’s 5 A.M. in my eye. I think I must have done something to piss God off yesterday.
Well, I’ve still got all my parts but I would never ever want to go through that pain again. After the burning started going away (about 3 hours) I asked the wife if she wanted to celebrate Valentine’s Day again. She ran away. Wonder why?

Nick Lindauer

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