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Review: Fat Kid Sauces Mango Amore Habanero Hot Sauce

Fat Kid Mango Amore Hot Sauce
Fat Kid Mango Amore Hot Sauce
Fat Kid Mango Amore Hot Sauce


Maker: Fat Kid Sauces
Cost: $4 (special price) from Fat Kid Sauces
Ingredients: Mango, kiwi, Red Savina Habanero, peaches, apple cider vinegar, lime juice.
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Posted February 27, 2008 by

Full Review

This sauce has a bright label with an obviously male pepper, winkin’ one eye and a big ole cheesy grin makin’ the moves on the female mango, which by the look in her eyes and smile on her face, she is digging. Hearts are floating around the two. Down the mango’s side of the label it says Fat Kid Sauces, down the pepper’s side it says hot outlined in yellow and red. The bottom of the label tells you what you are looking at Mango Amore Habanero Hot Sauce. The label has a thermometer on it to tell you what heat level the sauce is. This one is hot. On the side the label states ” We at Fat Kid Sauces are proud of our signature sauces. Use them on sandwiches, eggs, pizza, steak & chicken. Add flavor and spice to sauces & chili. Also great as a marinade.” The paragraph below states ” We know there are a lot of choices out there. Thank you for choosing Fat Kid Sauces. Whether you like it mild or extreme ( or any level in between), Fat Kid Sauces has a sauce for you. So choose your color, feel the heat, & most of all enjoy!

Mango Amore
Ingredients: mango, kiwi, Red Savina Habanero, peaches, apple cider vinegar, lime juice.

Appearance: A nice orange color with lots of kiwi seeds and bits of pepper flesh clinging to the inside.

Now I always take it as a good sign when I can see bits of pepper suspended and clinging to the sides.

Consistency: It has a syrup like consistency, flows nicely. The consistency kind of reminds me of apricot nectar, as it leaves a bit of a trail of it’s fruity contents.

Taste: Wow, I have tried a lot of sweet sauces, this one is definitely unique! The flavors of the kiwi mango and peach all seem to greet the palate as a team of fruity tanginess. I think I can just slightly detect the lime juice. The heat comes almost immediately. The habanero flavor is almost like an aftertaste. A delicious lingering aftertaste. This sauce is fun to taste. Try it straight off the spoon, roll it around in your mouth and try to separate the flavors.

Heat: I would give this one about a 4-4.5 which for me as a dessert sauce was perfect.

Mango Amore
Mango Amore
Mango Amore
Now let me tell you a little bit about how I enjoyed this sauce. When I first opened it I had not yet had my morning espresso. A quad mocha. I knew Mango Amore would be playing a part in that as soon as I tasted it. I added a teaspoon to the milk before steaming it. Simply delicious, and the foam had a nice warming quality to it. The next thing I used it in was dessert. I made a variation of Bananas Foster, we will call this one Bananas Huvason.

Bananas Huvason

2 ripe bananas

3 Tbl butter

3Tbl brown sugar

6Tbl Fat Kid Sauces Mango Amore Habanero Hot Sauce

4Tbl Cruzan Blackstrap rum

3 bowls vanilla ice cream

1 pint heavy cream

1 whipped cream charger

Peel and cut the bananas into 1/2 ” rounds. In a large skillet, melt the butter. Add brown sugar, bananas, and 4 Tbl of the Mango Amore. Simmer for about 4 minutes turning the bananas to coat. Add the rum, allow to simmer for about 30 seconds then flambe (light it). Allow alcohol to burn off. Remove from heat. Pour heavy cream and remaining Mango Amore into the whipped cream charger. Load charger with gas cylinder (our takes NOS cartridges). Pour warm banana mixture over ice cream. Top liberally with Mango Amore whipped cream.

Now I made this stuff at half the batch above the first night, and it was in high demand for dessert again last night. I’m gonna need a bigger bottle! I wish it was summertime right now because that whipped cream would be fantastic over a bowl of mixed berries straight from the farmer’s market!

I used some of the whipped cream on my espresso this morning. There is something so satisfying about seeing little bits of Red Savina in whipped cream!

At this point I realize that I am not going to have enough of this sauce left to make the meal I planned (chorizo dogs with mango avocado salsa), so I improvised.

Mango Amore
Mango Amore
Mango Amore

Mango Amore Shrimp Wrap

1/2 avocado diced

1/4 C sweet onion diced

1/4C tomato diced

1Tbl sour cream

1Tbl FatKid Sauces Mango Amore Habanero Hot Sauce

6 shrimp peeled deveined tails removed

1 flour tortilla

1Tbl butter

Hickory smoked sea salt, Black pepper, and garlic powder

In a small mixing bowl combine the avocado, tomato, onion, sour cream and Mango Amore, mix well and set aside. Melt butter in skillet. Liberally season shrimp with salt, pepper and garlic. Saute shrimp in butter (do not overcook). Spread avocado mixture across tortilla. Arrange shrimp on top. Roll it up and enjoy! I also added some lettuce to mine.

This wrap is fantastic it brings layers of flavor together. The garlic and salt on the shrimp provide a delightful contrast to the fruity onion avocado mixture.

Mango Amore
Mango Amore
Mango Amore

With so many great sauces out there I didn’t think this one would become one of my top ten favorites. I had heard from others that it was good, and that it went well with bananas. When I made whipped cream with it I knew Iwas going to have more. The shrimp wrap however sent it over the top. Mango Amore, not just for dessert!

Fat Kid Sauces, LLC
Sayville, NY 11782





    My mouth is watering from the pics, awesome review.

    I have Mango Amore at least 2 days a week with a banana and some whipped cream. This stuff rocks.


    I have a bottle of the Extreme, it’s an awesome sauce. I’ve only done the spoon test, but now I’m going to try the Bananas Huvason.

    Looks great! 😉


    great review, i love reviews with recipes in them. i want to try this sauce because everyone says its so diffrent from most mango sauces and im going to keep these recipes for when i do get a bottle.


    That Jungle Jim list is getting bigger and bigger, eh Justin?


    Geez Sam, you are a cooking machine and a pyro to boot. The review was great; you had me salivating to buy some Mango Amore from FKS by the end. Recipes thrown in with the review are a huge bonus so please keep’em coming.


    Wow. The Bananas and Shrimp wraps look AMAZING. just wow.


    One big thing I forgot to include in the review is that this sauce was a Fiery Food Challenge winner! Sorry, ’bout that.


    WOW, Thanks for the review and the FANTASTIC recipes. I am in search of a whipped cream charger as we speak! The shrimp wrap sounds great. I use Mango Amore all the time as a shrimp marinade (chicken and pork as well) – but I have to try this as well!


    [Comment ID #129815 Quote]

    Shhhhhhh….. the extreme is a secret!


    Oh yeah….. 15% off coupon for HSB’ers – HSBCOUP15 (shoo tme an email if the shipping looks wacky).


    Awesome review! Glad this turned out so well, Huv. Congrats!


    [Comment ID #129883 Quote]

    Ryan? THE Ryan? How’s it hangin’ bro? Long time. Great work on the label!

    Huv, again, awesome sauce man. Sam, nice review. Those recipes look delicious. Added to my “Sam’s Recipes” folder on the laptop for future use! 😀


    [Comment ID #129901 Quote]

    Yeah, it’s me. It has been a while. Good to see you’re still lurking about. I’ve seen a couple of your latest works, and I dig. ir con el diablo


    Great Job Huv!! Twirl on….


    Great job Sam, Cooking machine. See Ya this weekend. Look forward to meeting you Huv this weekend. Very cool sauce. Lots to sample this weekend!


    [Comment ID #129978 Quote]

    Huv can’t make it, but will be at the Weekend of Fire for sure, and is planning on Zestfest in Miami if twirling doesn’t get in the way. 😉


    [Comment ID #129983 Quote]

    True – no FFS this year. No twirling Miami weekend – already checked!


    [Comment ID #130027 Quote]

    FKS John before I forget I need 2cs of Ext Hab sauce for JJ’s . Later all off to the Airport. BBJJ


    Well…. I just had a chance to make Bananas Huvason – and dall I can say is WOW….. FATNasTIC recipe there Sam. THANKS!


    Well…. I just had a chance to make Bananas Huvason – and dall I can say is WOW….. FATNasTIC recipe there Sam. THANKS!


    [Comment ID #131967 Quote]

    Doh, I missed it by a few hours. 🙁


    [Comment ID #132008 Quote]

    yeah… we made it around 6pm…. It woul dhave been worth the wait…


    Somehow missed this review back in Feb and just caught in now. WOW, great review Sam! Those shrimp wraps got my mouth watering! Good for you HUV!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!

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