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Torchy’s Diablo Hot Sauce

Torchys Hot Sauce Bottle
Torchys Hot Sauce Bottle
Torchys Hot Sauce Bottle


Maker: Torchy's Tacos
Cost: $6.95 - only available at Torchy's Tacos Locations
Ingredients: Tomato Concentrate, Soybean Oil, White Wine Vinegar, Onion, Habanero Peppers, Garlic, Salt, Bell Pepper, Spice, Natural Flavor





Total Score
4/ 5

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Larger bottle, good heat, smooth flavor.


It's only available at Torchy's Taco restaurant locations

Bottom Line

Smooth sauce with a nice burn. I’m on my second bottle of this stuff if that tells you anything.

Posted July 7, 2012 by

Torchys Hot Sauce Taco
Torchy’s Taco is a taco shop chain that’s just come to Houston – with several location in Austin and Dallas. Their tacos are fantastic, albeit a bit expensive (starting at $3.50ish). When you order from there you get your choice of any number of sauces – but the only one that you can buy to take home is the Diablo sauce.

Taste: It says “fire roasted” habaneros on the front of the bottle – but you don’t get much of a fire taste. The sauce is blended for even consistency and spreads through your mouth well. At the back of the taste, I can pick up on the hints of bell pepper in the sauce.

Smell: It’s smokey without being overly so – which is interesting because the smoke isn’t in the flavor profile. You can smell the tomatoes as well as the peppers.

Application: Since the sauce is well blended, it pours out of the bottle with frightening speed. If you aren’t careful, it’ll go all over everything in a heartbeat. Fortunately I like a lot of sauce, so it works for me. Since I had this bottle at home, I didn’t use it on a Torchy’s Taco – but rather a Chacho’s taco. Chacho’s is right down the street from us, so what better to get on a Saturday afternoon for lunch/brunch?

Because of the tomato in the sauce, it’s good on everything from Mexican food to hot dogs. I wouldn’t use it on Chinese food though – that test on pot stickers didn’t work for me.

Heat: “Diablo” is a bit of a misnomer. It’s got heat – but it’s not even hot enough to make my eyes water. For my wife, it’s just hot enough without killing the flavor for her. To a seasoned chilehead, this is on the high end of mild heat levels.

Overall: Well, I’m on my second bottle of this stuff if that tells you anything. I go to Torchy’s maybe once every two months (it’s too crowded here in Houston to go more then that) and have picked up a bottle every time. If you want to try this and aren’t near a Torchy’s – send me a note and I’d be happy to help you get a hold of one of these bottles of deliciousness.

Nick Lindauer

The Original Hot Sauce Blog


    matt dalton

    I LOVE the sauce too..I also think it’s mildly spicey, My girl on the other hand thinks it’s the spiciest thing on the planet. I’ve got a garden that only grows jalapenos, habeneros, and the legendary NORTH INDIAN GHOST PEPPER. If you want real hot, buy a bottle of “Dave’s insanity sauce”. I’m not a representative, but very impressed. You can add a couple drops to anything and make people sweat. You can get it at any Krogers or HEB.
    That said, my agenda is to learn how to make the torchies hot sauce, homemade.
    it’s easy to rattle off the ingredients from the back of the bottle, but it gets more and more vague as you read it. I love the last ingredient…..”natural flavors”
    oh ya, before that there was “spice”.
    hmmmmm, I’m going to the store and buy “spice”.
    let’s work on this together. I don’t want to befriend a chef that works there….


    Eric Miller

    Thank you for the review! My girlfriend absolutely loves this hot sauce. Are you able to order torchy’s hot sauce online? For the holiday’s I was hoping that I could get her a bottle as a gift. Unfortunately, I live in Minneapolis so I’m not close to any of their delicious establishments. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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