Posted May 6, 2006 by Anthony in Hot Sauce News

Hot Thoughts #1

There has been a big shift in the hot saucebbq sauce seasoning world as of late.

Being a reviewer for HSB I am fortunate enough to receive all types of condiments. In writing my reviews I try to be as honest as possible. If the sauce stinks I say so. Same goes for the great sauces. In case you haven’t noticed many of my reviews have been getting to good to excellent reviews. Is this by chance? I don’t think so. If I was to put my self in the same position a few years ago I think there would be a lot of negative reviews. Hot sauce manufacturers can no longer push the pepper into our eyes by marketing cheap vinegar based hot sauces. These have gone the way of the dollar store. Hot sauce manufacturers have realized that us chili-heads and are a very discerning bunch.

There will always be the gimmicks. That has become part of the culture. But the gimmicks are now backed up with a hot sauce behind it to warrant the gimmick. Lies and claims for heat and such are becoming a rarity. A hot sauce manufacturer would not want to be exposed for someone calling them on their bluff. Even if it is a collectable (that’s why we buy two).

Why this change? The consumers and manufacturers are working together. One bad sauce or false claim could ruin them. So what we are getting are top quality sauces as individual as the palates that eat them.

I think I may go out today and by the cheapest, worst, hot sauce I can find. Something destined to collect dust at the back of a 3rd rate food market just to let me know where we came from. Then I can appreciate the work that went into all the top notch sauces I currently have.

So the next time you pick up that favourite sauce of yours, take the time to look at the ingredients one more time. Appreciate the work the manufacturer put into it. You may enjoy it like you did for the first time all over again!