Posted April 1, 2005 by Nick Lindauer in Reviews

House of Blues Hot Sauce

Not that I’d ever promote illegal behavior 🙂 , but I have to give props to my father-in-law for appropriating me this bottle of hot sauce from the House of Blues in Los Angeles.
House of Blues Hot Sauce
Feel furious flames licking at your taste buds! Dial up the flavor on poultry, meat, veggies – heck, anything you can put in your mouth, you can make better (and hotter) by shakin’ on this uniquely southern sauce. Come on! How ’bout it?

You can buy House of Blues Hot Sauces and Products online here.

Now normally, I would not open a bottle such as this. I would leave it unopened and just put it up on a high shelf with the rest of my collectible bottles. But since this bottle was swiped directly off of a table (I’m not naming names), it was already opened so I’m going to have to consume it and just save the empty bottle. The sauce inside is a standard cayenne, salt and vinegar combination – a basic hot sauce flavor thats pretty damn good on the right food. So far I’ve used this bottle on steak and rice – it shouldn’t last the weekend.

Thanks fror the birthday gift!

Nick Lindauer

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