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Howlin Hollar, Creepin Quag are Bud Selmi's latest sizzlin' sauces

CONWAY — Chef Bud Selmi, president of Sizzlin Sauces LLC, recently doubled his lineup of original hot sauces with the release of two new sauces: Howlin Hollar and Creepin Quag.
Howlin Hollar features pumpkin, prickly pear cactus and passion fruit in a habanero hot sauce. Creepin Quag combines cranberries, plums, and prickly pear cactus as well as habaneros.
Five Star Reviews (fivestarreviews.com) says of Sizzlin Sauces, “When Bud makes a hot sauce, it isn’t for the tame at heart. These kickin’ spitting fire hot sauces will clear the sinus passages and jump start every artery in your body. The newest item is the Howlin Hollar — just like the famous saying, ‘Grown in the Hollar by the old oak tree.’”
Five Star’s Michael Tobin calls Howlin Hollar a “fiery delight” that provides “a nice hot spice, with an added element of sweet fruit — a combination perfecto!”
Hans Lienesch of saucerater.com recently wrote of Howlin Hollar: “What can I say about this fabulous elixir? This stuff is like the best candy in the world! Very unique and very good! 5 Pepper Rating.”
Sizzlin Sauces LLC is a year-old company producing a line of four original hot sauces featuring habanero peppers: Spittin Fire, Spittin Fire XXX, Howlin Hollar, and Creepin Quag. Spittin’ Fire Sauces are available locally at Zeb’s General Store in North Conway or at Sherman Farms in East Conway and in several area restaurants.

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