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HSB News Round Up

HSB Charitable Auction
Bill (aka ATKRIDER) has come up with a Help Arizona Jack Ebay auction (see where it started in the forum here). Anyone that would like to participate is more then welcome to join. The auction will start on Sunday, Feb 18th – so please send in a picture and details of the items you would like to donate to nick ‘@’ We’re asking that all donors ship directly to the winner to save on transportation time and breakage potential as well. offers $1000 reward
(Not hot sauce related, but interesting nonetheless) sells a mail order giant burger kit which includes a big bun and other equipment. The 10 pounds of ground beef needed to make the patty are not included. A prize of $1000 is being offered to an eater who can submit a video of the assembled burger being finished in under an hour without any assistance.

HSB Review Disclaimer – Updated
The HSB Review Disclaimer has been updated to include a ton of additional information about the HSB. You can download the updated version here (PDF) or from the HSB Get Reviewed page.

2007 Fiery Food Show Collectibles
If you are planning to release a special bottle or make a special announcement at the upcoming 2007 Fiery Foods Show, please let us know (email nick ‘@’ – We’ll post each announcement individually and also as part of the Collectible Announcement just before the show. (see the Zest Fest version)

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