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HSB Reader Feedback

I recieved some great responses to this post and instead of incorporating them into the 2006 Year End Review post, I thought they deserved to stand alone.

– What was your favorite post/part of 2006 (on the HSB)?
Ok, to start it off, there is no one favorite anything when it comes to anything on this blog. Standout things off the tope of my head are attending Defcon Day # 3, meeting so many great people in the time following that visit, The Short Bus, Zestfest (although I did not attend, this site and the communication with friends there made it a highlight none the less), the TN trip at Fire Mountain to visit CaJohn and friends, all collaborations on label projects, making and distributing the beef jerky, the “Gatorman” comments and discussions, Leroy, Bubba, The Bog, the contests (all of them, Caption This, Pimp Your Sauce, even the “guess whats different” one for the new products after NM, every single one of them), …………….. the list is endless Nick. Every single post or comment that has been made whether positive or negative has had a positive impact on me. So my answer would have to be all of them.

– What was your least favorite post/part of 2006?
Well, can’t say as there is a least favorite. That’s an honest statement. Even the negative things that were said or done have had positive aspects to them in the end.

– What review(s) caused you to buy (or not buy) certain products?

The one that stands out here has to be the reviews and interviews for THT.
Because of this site I have found my absolute favorite hot sauce in the Cry Baby Sauce by Three Hot Tamales. I would have never bought the sauce if it were not for reading about it on the HSB first. Not only did I find a great sauce, but I have three great friends now because of it. One of the three being at the top of my list for friends from the HSB.

– What would you like to see more of (or less of) as we move into 2007?
Less of nothing. More interaction by the regulars with projects. Things like my jerky thing, the Short Bus sauce, Chilihesd Ed’s Rerum sauces, The HSU bottles, the Blog Sauce labels. These things are at the core of what makes everyone chiliheads and what binds us all together. These things have always been unplanned to an extent, but have worked to really bring the community together and make everyon feel included in something at some point. I guess that’s it in a nutshell, make sure thatnobody feels left out. There was a lot of broad inclusion this year, More of that will be nothing but a plus for 2007.

– Any new features you think we should add?

I think that the only thing that could make it any better would be to add a button that when clicked would dispense a bottle of sauce right out of the computer! Either that or a beer machine! LOL!

– If you just started reading the HSB in 2006, what was the post that drew you in?
Well, i think I started before 2006, but the one that really got me into the fray was the Defcon Day # 3 posts. The announcement and the “Aftermath” one.

– Anything else you can think of?
Just to add to my earlier statements about friends made here on the blog. I have met and made friends through other sites online, but the hot sauce community is by far the best I have seen at making and maintaining true friendships through an online site. Not eveyone here I think is a “true” friend, but there are a few that I can count among my short list of true friends. Probabbly a larger ratio than the people that I know as friends offline. Having a site that you can go to to find reliable ifo on a hobby and/or profession and to also be able to go there to find a reliable friend all at the same time is just an awesome thing. The human aspect of this site is so huge and what makes it such a great place to be. The ability to be on an even keel with other chiliheads as well as Owners/manufacturers among others in the business makes it really unique. Everyone is treated equally and fairly at all times, no matter their position in the community. That is unique to any industry, and a huge plus for the HSB.

Ok, that’s all I’m gonna do, but I’m sure I could go on and on about the HSB all day. Heck, I didn’t even touch on the humor side of the blog! LOL!

I have to say the best thing for me this year on the HSB was meeting all the great people in this chili head community. This feels like a second home to me, dysfuncational, rambling, opinionated; like Festivus for the rest of us!
It is truly a home away from home. Thanks Nick for all you do to keep us as one loving dysfuncational family!


I like the hot sauce news section most. Especially when it has to do with scientific studies.

The reviews are great. They are really funny. Keep it up!

Chris J

Great job overall. I purchased many products from your reviews, and will likely continue to purchase over the long term. Appreciated always coming back to find some new reviews as well. Take care.



Nick Lindauer

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