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HSB Reader Questions

From time to time here, I like to post a few reader questions/comments that I get behind the scenes – because your chilehead feedback is often the best answer to these questions, so here goes…(all questions posted as received)

Info for starting hot sauce business
Just wanted to know if you guys have any information on how to get started on bottling and distibuting my own hot sauce. any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
-Arsenio Rosa III

Shotgun Willies Hotter n Hell Picante
Do you know where I can purchase Shotgun Willie’s hotter n hell salsa (not jalapeno)? Moved from CT to MN. Hard to find spicy foods here in MN!
– Lisa

Our Oak Barrels for Hot sauce aging?
Hey guys, nice Blog you got here! We make smaller personal size oak barrels, and I recently found out that Hot sauce is made in oak barrels too. Our customers usually use them for aging wine, beer or other spirits. Do any of you make your own hot sauce and if you do, do you age that stuff in oak barrels? We would be glad to know if our barrels would be of benefit to your guests, members and visitors.

We would be honored if you would check us out! Thanx and keep up the great work here.

Manny Focil
The Barrel Source

Howdy from Texas………

quick question. I am looking for a particular type of hot sauce bottle and can’t find it so I was hoping you mite be able to point me in the right direction. It’s not the standard Tabasco Sauce Woozey type.

It’s the flat (boot bottle) type…….examples are:

Joe Perry’s Hot Sauce (Aerosmith) Rock Your World Boneyard Brew

Sphincter Shrinker Hot Sauce

Colon Cleaner Hot Sauce

you get the idea……….I thought that type of bottle would be easy to find but I guess not.

thanx for your time

And my personal favorite:

my hot sauce
Email #1
i been told my hot sauce is the best they had well i like to think it is. i make every batch unique i would like you to try it it goes great with every thing. the red it jersey red devil sauce well because i got a case of jersey grown red habanero so the name was mmm i like hockey i made some sauce with chocolate habs and i call it Hot Chocolate fn hot everything i used in it was chard on the grill i drive a truck and i can stop by on a trip somrtime and let you try it 1 gallon left of 5 on the jersey no on the hot chocolate i had green habit which was green habanero hot scauce my bro made my e mail way back so he spelled it wrong oh well later

Email #2
oh yaH i have had someone think my choc hab sauce was so hot they said your trying to kill me! and that was a tooth pick taste dip it and taste my sauce is not just heat it is flavor 1st


Nick Lindauer

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