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HSB Updates & Questions

Hey everyone, I just wanted to drop a quick note to update everyone on what’s been going on and what’s upcoming.

First, I was out of town for the last 4 days and have just returned and started going through emails & voicemails. I’ll try to get back to everyone over the next few days. My cell phone died on Wednesday and of course I also forgot my laptop charger, so I was able to do only 2 posts while in Santa Barbara, and those were done from the BB with very limited internet connection – so please forgive the lack of posts in the last few days. But check out the awesome pics here.

Second, I changed the spam filters earlier this week after some discussion with a reader that was having comment posting issues. We’re getting a ton of spam from the spam bots, but hopefully now no one will have issues getting comments through. Please let me know if you do run into any issues.

Third, yes – we are moving! We’ll be leaving NYC in August (can’t agree to a $500 rent increase) so we’re trying to enjoy as much of the city before we leave as possible. What does this mean for the HSB? Nada – it’ll run business as usual. And some other business changes (to be announced) will definately allow for more fiery foods coverage. Plus, expect to come to a killer house party before (or after) Zest Fest. More info and updates to come soon

Fourth – Various Questions from reader in the last few weeks – does anyone have the answers for these?

Wondering if you have any of Billy Bob’s Hot and Smoky Habanero Chipotle Sauce available (?). Where can I get it (?)



Last year, I stopped at a small store just North of Houston, TX and bought a bottle of Uncle Darrell’s Seasoning. It was really great. I stopped at 6 places yesterday between Houston and Texarcana and no one had it or knew where I might find it.
Do you?


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