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HSB Updates: Reviewers, Cards & More

HSB Reviewers
The time has come for the HSB to open up the application process for reviewers once again. Please use the form below to submit your request to become a reviewer – please tell us all about your love for hot sauce, food or anything else your passionate about. We will contact each applicant for more information and will run reviews on the HSB for readers to vote on as well. More information about being an HSB reviewer is available here.

HSB Postcards

HSB Cards
The HSB cards have received a tremendous response and thanks to word of mouth and some key suggestions, we are taking requests for HSB cards & co-branding HSB cards. Folks have been handing them out at stores, shows or adding them into outgoing shipments of products – spreading the word of the HSB across the country.

If you are interested in co-branding the HSB cards, please let me know. The essential idea behind the co-branded cards is to split the cost and the coverage space on the card. Your brand/product/store information will be featured on the HSB card alongside the HSB information. When ordered in bulk the cards cost less then $0.05 a piece – split that to $0.025 per card (inc. shipping).

If you don’t want to co-brand the cards but would like some to hand out at shows, events, stores or with orders please let us know. We’re more then happy to send out the cards to anyone that requests them.

Hot Sauce Collectors
I’ve been commissioned to write an article about hot sauce collectors, please check out the HSB forum Hot Sauce Collectors post for more information and questions. Also looking for great hot sauce collection pictures.
– Any collectors with a specific interesting collection?
– What are your favorite collectibles?
– Why do you collect?
– When did you get started collecting?

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