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Ike's Famous Crabcakes

Crabcakes, chocolate cake, pound cake, cupcakes – For some reason the wife has been on a “cake” kick – and when she saw the Food Finds episode on the Jersey Shore – I knew we would one day be taking a trip down there. So, on a rare Friday off, we rented a car and took a day trip to Ocean City.


The drive from New York to Ocean City was nice and only about 2 1/2 hours – not much when your used to driving from Portland, Oregon to Los Angeles, California in one shot – The car we rented was a Scion xB – which was a fun little ride, good power and response, but never something I would buy. This is a car I would buy.

Ike’s was easy enough to find and our first stop on the boardwalk, since we skipped breakfast and arrived around lunch time. The wife and I both ordered the Famous Crabcake Sandwich w/Horseradish.

Now, the crabcake itself is not very pretty looking by any standards – but for $9.50 you get a crabcake sandiwch and a pile of fresh butterfly potatoe fries. And with enough hot sauce anything can taste okay. The Ike’s Brand Hot Sauce was a simple habanero vinegar hot sauce – most likely co-packed by Peppers. I mixed the hot sauce with the horseradish and dug in. The crabcake was very fresh and mostly crab meat – which is always good, but the sandwich itself was a bit blah. Nothing besides crabcake and bread – it could have used some lettuce and onions at the very least.

Seems like every tourist restaurant has a “hot sauce wall” and Ike’s was not different – but they actually had two walls – one wall of sauces you could buy (couldn’t find anything unusual) and a wall of hot sauces you can eat (pictured above). Very disappointed that none of Blair’s Hot Sauce were on the wall to eat and very few above normal heat hot sauces. Most were plain vinegar & pepper based.

Overall, Ike’s @ the Ocean City boardwalk was a very nice place to dine – very low key and casual – Plus the weather was great and the walk along the boardwalk was much better then walking along the clammering streets of New York. I highly recommend trying it out if your in the area and if your not, the Ike’s website will soon be set up for online ordering so you can get crabcakes delivered straight to your door.

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