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Innuendo Enterprises LLC Brings Mississippi Barbecue To Northern California

Gourmet food distributor Innuendo Enterprises LLC takes on the Smokin’ Joe Jones line of barbecue products for distribution to Northern California retailers.

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Gilroy, CA (PRWEB) April 27th, 2005 – Innuendo Enterprises LLC, a distributor of shelf stable gourmet food products, completed arrangements to distribute “Smokin’ Joe Jones Mississippi Barbecue Sauce” to the Northern California, Nevada, and Oregon regions.
Innuendo Enterprises LLC was formed in September of 2000 with the purpose of producing and distributing high end specialty food products for retail markets. Innuendo Enterprises LLC has since grown to represent over fifty distinct products. These products are distributed to gourmet and specialty food shops, grocery stores, and meat markets.

When you consider how regional barbecue specialties differ, Memphis has dry rub, Texas has mesquite, and Mississippi has hickory and molasses. Mississippi also has an extraordinary ambassador in Smokin’ Joe Jones—a talkative gentleman with a Panama hat, gold tooth, and a nonstop spiel. If personality creates celebrities out of chefs, Emeril had better watch out. ”People have found out my barbecue sauce does exactly what I say it does,” Jones says. “It’s a meat tenderizer as well as a marinade, low in sodium no cholesterol zero fat no MSG no junk. It’s good on chicken pork rib beef rib tri-tip pork chops steak ham and turkey,” he intones without visibly pausing for breath. “It’s also good on fish.”
Smokin’ Joe Jones’ Barbecue sauces are now available, through Innuendo Enterprises LLC, in Original, Smokin’ and Blazin’ flavors as well as a No Sugar Added version that rivals all others.

For additional information (or sample, copy or demo), contact: Ron Levi at Innuendo Enterprises LLC, 8010 El Matador Drive, Gilroy, CA 95020 or email them at sales “@”

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