Posted August 31, 2007 by Ron Levi in Makers

Innuendo Foods Updated For 7th Anniversary

New Innuendo Site

How do you celebrate your birthday? Some of us will throw a party, or be the victim of a surprise party. Some will go out for a nice meal with friends, and others simply take the day off work and do nothing.

Innuendo Enterprises LLC
is celebrating their seventh anniversary by sporting some new duds on the World Wide Web.

This spiffy new attire was made possible by the very creative web designer Israel Levi at the Plexus Design Group (PDG) in Northern California. PDG worked hand in hand with Innuendo Enterprises LLC to provide a seamless, interactive Web experience that was both easy and enjoyable to navigate.

Some of the new features of the NEW Innuendo Enterprises LLC website include a URL update to their new home at , a product page that features pop-up information on each of the click able image links, links to a blog, a newsletter to which you can subscribe, and page that details events they will be attending. There is so much information packed into this new site you may not be able to get to it all in just one visit.

If you like hot sauce, barbecue sauce, marinades or anything to do with great food and fun, help them celebrate their birthday by visiting the new website. If you see something that interests you click on that Contact Us link and send them a quick note.

Ron Levi