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Introducing: Blair Lab

Blair Labs - Capsaicin Based Anti Aging Cream

Dear Chili Pal, Well the time has come for me to let you know the amazing project I have had the privileged to work on for the last few of years…..Blair Lab……So what is it……I will try to keep it simple—–About three years ago while making a batch of my reserves, I had an accident.(not the first time)..I was splashed in the face with 3 Million scoville units of hell…..My eyes had been sprayed as well as my face…..(NOT FUN TO SAY THE LEAST) My eyes and face were swollen for days….but something amazing happened after the pain went away days later….I noticed the skin around my eyes and face became firm (Of Course firm skin is by means worth that torture) In any event….I had this thought that the main ingredient-Capsaicin– I have been working with since 1989 could have a very different use…….I was very correct

I began my research….I had no knowledge of any skin care products aside what I saw in my wife’s medicine cabinet. Where to Start– I sought out and met with some of the greatest Research Scientists this country has to offer, many said I was crazy—I heard that when I started Death Sauce— but others saw my vision and over the last two years we have conducted test after test and trial after trial building this amazing formula …The Result has been nothing short of a miracle ….I am ever so proud to announce that I have created A product to treat Wrinkles and improve Skin Tone better than anything that has been produced before. (And yes WITHOUT the burn)

BIO-CAP, It is an anti-aging product of epic proportion. This was not as simple as adding some extract to skin cream….Not even close….I have been working in the most state of the art Research and development lab in this Country. Bio-Cap has Three patents to deliver the active compounds deep into the wrinkle and contains the most advanced technology available today. I have not released this information to anyone except on a very strict need to know basis only.(That was tough for me.. 3 yrs!!! ) I felt it appropriate to share it with you first. It is hard to sum of the magnitude of this product in a simple Email. I can tell you that in the coming weeks, Our web site www.blairlab.com will open and a new 20 page brochure will be released……. I know this could be considered an odd extension of what I do…..After all I am simply a guy that has been making the Worlds Hottest Sauces and Snacks for a long time.

But when a discovery like this comes along by accident, I felt I had no other choice but to find out everything I could and see if I could make this happen . If your next question is what does this mean for Blair Running his hot Sauce Company? The answer is simple—-Only better!!!!….I will continue to operate the day to day life of Death Sauce..In addition all marketing for Bio-Cap will be based on the real life story of how it happened, so Death Sauce will only have a much larger audience….We are in the process of putting together a Top Notch Staff to run Blair Lab. My Passion is and will remain HOT SAUCE……But if I can treat your wrinkles and make you look and feel better in the process…Than I am all for it……Like I said I wanted to keep this simple (Not Sure if I did or not) I could write pages and pages about this……But for now, there you have it…….Much more to come in the near future but you are the first to know……Wishing you All my best ……Look and Feel Alive……..

Your Chili Pal, Blair

PS I will have a very small supply of Bio-Cap and Bio-Cap XS at the Fiery Food Show in the coming Days. It will be available to the mass Market on April 2nd 2007

Nick Lindauer

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