Posted June 19, 2007 by CaJohn in Makers

Introducing: CaJohn’s Scorch Hot Sauce

Scorch Hot Sauce
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CaJohn’s Scorch Hot Sauce – The hottest all natural pepper sauce ever produced! Nick Panico, Reviewer, Just one of the many accolades given this sauce by the Chilehead Community. Produced with three of the world’s hottest chiles, it’s no wonder this sauce is pushing the limit on what can be acheived without the use of capsicum extract. Enjoy the burn! Mamma told you not to play with fire, but you’ll be fine once the fire subsides…

Well, since Defcon John brought up “Being one with the Scorch”, I figured I should unveil what we have been working on. Here is the label art. Scorch Hot Sauce. It is the precursor of Sauce 10. Yes the No Naga version in all it’s splendor. Said by many to out-hot the Sauce 10.

Available in about two weeks. There have been some updates on the Nut panel and the verbiage on the left. But this is essentially what it will look like.