Posted August 5, 2005 by thakswet in Hot Sauce News

Introducing -thakswet

Booyah Yinz!

There’s something going around about hot sauces these days. Information seems to be everywhere. You’ve got online stores, local grocers, specialty food stores, and even national retailers like Le Gourmet Chef carrying all types of sauces. Heck, when the HOTTEST “sauce” (ingredient!) was released, Saturday Night Live had a small Weekly News skit to honor it. Hot sauce and all things ‘peppered’ are becoming more and more main-stream and the retail streams offer nothing but the marketing hype written on the label.

With the availability of all things hot becoming easier to come upon, there’s a need for a place to go to find reviews, information and stories that are from some experienced hot sauce tasters. That’s where you are now, and that is what this site has been dedicated for.

I’m going under the name “-thakswet” and I intend to provide you with honest, unbiased reviews of hot sauces, all types of commercial rubs and seasonings, mustards, dips, salsas and even apparel and decorative accessories. You’ll get straight forward talk with a candid 100-point scale based on packaging, coloring, consistency, heat level and taste.

Hopefully an entertaining dialog will open up amongst ‘heads. I want to see some comparing, contrasting, agreeing and flaming.

My first review will be posted later this weekend. First at bat is ‘Texas Hold’em All In-No Limit Hot Sauce.