Posted May 7, 2007 by eman in Hot Sauce News

Isabella’s Upcoming Birthday

Isabella’s Upcoming B-Day (it’s June 2nd, 2006)
Isabella Blair

Holy shnikeys batman!!! I can’t believe it has almost been a year. To all of you that have told me that time will go faster than ever…you are SOOOO right. It seems like yesterday that this INCREDIBLE community so generously gave to make Isabellas arrival more special. So, for her 1st B-day, I was wanting to start her own very special hot sauce collection for her own. I have talked with several of the bloggers about this in the last year and they thought this was a very cool idea.

We would like to ask if any of the manufactures would like to donate 1 bottle and sign and write something special to Isabella on the bottle. This way she can start her collection with some very special stuff. This is only a request, please don’t feel pressured in any way to do this.

We can help with shipping charges if you would like.

Thanks bloggers, your the best!!!!!!

The e-fam