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Its Hot In Canada

Not long after I started posting on The Hot Pepper Forum, Tina from the PepperMaster contacted me regarding their line of Canadian hot sauces. And even thought I’ve been dragging my feet on getting this review finished, there’s a method to my madness. Numero Uno, Joe & Linda did a very indepth review around the same time I recieved the samples, so I didn’t want to double up on that. Numero Dos, I wanted to wait until Sweat ‘N Spice recieved our first shipment of these wonderful products before posting the review. Since the Peppermaster resides in Canada, buyers of their sauces faced relatively high shipping costs and long shipping times in the past. Now Tina has worked a deal with a distributor in the states and Hot Sauce Blog is happy to report that US residents now have easy access to these wonderful products.

Now, I can tell all the PepperMaster fans that we’re carrying the following items:
.::. Hurricane Mash Hot Sauce
.::. Haba Heaven Hot Sauce
.::. Fusion Fire Hot Sauce

The PepperMaster initially sent over a sample jar of the Hurricane Mash, Fusion Fire and the Jerk Curry. Yum yum yum is not enough to say just how tasty these hot sauces are. Pure pepper flavor hits your tastebuds with every bite.

The Hurricane Mash is by far the hottest sauce the Peppermaster brews up, made with Goats Peppers or Habaneros depending on the availability. With the Hurricane Mash all you taste is pure pepper flavor – great for those who love intense habanero heat dancing on their tastebuds. Checkout this review on the Hot Pepper Forum as well.

Fusion Fire combines 8 different peppers AND french roast espresso! The 8 different peppers deliver a combined combo punch of heat while the espresso backs them up with a strong bodied flavor – just like a strong cup of joe.

The Jerk Curry is very, well how you say Jerkish. I don’t have much experience with Jerks (seasonings) but this one was very tasty. I used the tiny jar on a chicken breast, grilled it up – plain and simple – but the taste was superb and even the neighbor commented on the outstanding smell.

The Haba Heaven is also a Pure Pepperbush sauce, like the Hurricane Mash, but with a lot less heat. The sweet onion, nutmeg, honey and vanilla really mellow out the heat of the habaneros and allow even the beginner chilehead to enjoy just a taste. The wife enjoyed eating this one on her morning eggs, while I used up the mini jar of Hurricane Mash in one sitting.


These sauces are made for eating – if your a collector, finish the bottle, wash it out and add the empty to your collection. The PepperMaster is a small manufacturer and they listen closely to the feedback of their consumers. They also go to great lengths when developing each of their sauces and your tastebuds will thank them for that effort. Pepper purists will love these sauces!

Nick Lindauer

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