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Joe Perry vs. Michael Anthony – The Battle of the Sauce

The X-Factor
by Jim Bone

Hard Rock Cafe
Joe Perry, guitarist for Aerosmith, has another hot sauce on the market, Mango Peach Tango Hot Sauce. He says he has a passion for cooking. Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony also has a line of hot sauces. If and when these two rock-n-rollers decide to open restaurants to showcase their sauces, who would run the better place to eat and hang out.

Joe Perry vs. Michael Anthony


– Fresh seafood flown in daily aboard AERO-FORCE ONE.

– Free dessert if you can name one song by “The Joe Perry Project.” – – Nice commemorative guitar pick you can actually use as a toothpick.


– Don’t get there late. When it comes to the food, the earlier stuff is much better (just like the band’s music).

– When entering the restaurant, the annoying greeting you get when Steven Tyler’s recorded voice says: “ARE YOU READY TO EAT?!!”

– Joe refuses to take “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” out of the jukebox

Michael Anthony


-Each meal comes with a free shot of Jack Daniels.

-You might see David Lee Roth doing dishes.

-Waitresses are forced to wear leopard-skin spandex.


– Random 20 minute bass solos played over the sound system.

– Don’t even think about bringing brown M&Ms in with you.

– Can’t avoid overhearing two guys in the corner debating the whole Van Halen/Van Hagar argument.

the x factor-

I have to go with Michael Anthony on this one. Let’s be honest, Joe is too skinny to know what kind of food to serve up. People who open restaurants need a few extra pounds on them. It’s their way of saying “welcome to my restaurant, I love to eat too.”

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