Posted December 13, 2007 by CaJohn in Makers

Jolokia Store now Open at Cajohns.com

Jolokia Store

Many of you have read about our “Line of 10″³ made with the Jolokia chile. Well it is now available at our website. Sauce 10 in it’s two sizes, Salsa 10, Wing 10, BBQ 10, Mustard 10, Rub 10, Spice 10, NagaSaurus and NagaSoreAss, Jolokia powder and whole dried pods as well. This I belive is the first time a whole line of Jolokia products is available to the public in one spot.
Some of you have tasted the products when we rolled them out at Jungle Jim’s Weekend of Fire, or at ZestFest 07 in Ft. Worth. Now they are ready for retail distribution. We still don’t have enough of the Jolokia to release them for wholesale distribution yet, but we are working to obtain it in sufficient quantity to do so soon. I think you will find this to be a fantastic flavorful line with a wealth of heat. I can promise though, that with the amount we have been able to obtain, we have increased the amount of Jolokia in all of the products. I guess you could say we’ve “turned up the heat”.

We entered three of the products in the Fiery Foods Challenge and came away with two Golden Chiles and a Third Place. Many of the judges who attended the show stopped by the booth to comment on the flavor and searing heat they experienced (after the judging is over, they can inquire as to what certain items are by writing down the number of the sample). Nick Lindauer, from the Hot Sauce Blog, commented that the Wing Sauce 10 was the only thing that made him reach for “relief from the Heat”.

I hope you enjoy these products. By the way, there is a special offer as well!