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Review: Kato's Hot Sauces

Kato's Hot Sauces

Kato Productions, run by Mick andRita Pinckney, recently sent me a sample of their spicy products and in the one week since I’ve opened the bottles I have only about 1/2 a bottle of each left.

Kato’s Meaner Greener Habanero Sauce – Now, I’m not much into green hot sauces, but the garlic and green habaneros in this sauce are outsanding. I’ve tested it on eggs, ground beef and salad – it’s the real deal. This sauce tastes great on everything!

Kato’s Island Sauce Habanero & Mango – With an good mustard base, this island sauce reminds me of an excellent indian curry that I once had. With the habanero & cayenne peppers in this bottle ensuring that Kato’s Island Sauce is hotter then most curries I come across. With such a unique flavor I was hesitant to try this on anythin major at first, so I tested it on plain rice, which of course turn out great, even the wife was eating it. Since then I looked up the recipes on Kato’s site and whipped up the grilled chicken breast. The smell was incredible as the chicken was cooking. My taste buds were drooling and after I finished my forehead was sweating a little bit.

Kato's Habanero Chocolate Bar

Kato’s Habanero Chocolate Bar – Now, I’m not a fan of chocolate usually, but this one I had to try. This habanero chocolate bar was much better then the Vosges Chocolate Bar that I tried previously. The heat is not as hot as I was expecting, but it did gradually rise as I ate a little more. The flavor of the chocolate and the heat of the habanero balance each other out in a way that I haven’t tasted before. If your a fan of hot foods, hot sauce or gourmet foods – try this chocolate bar!

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