Posted October 16, 2012 by Peppers and More in Bloggers

Lets tell “The truth”

It seems that every week I get more emails then the prior week about how Peppers are presented to the Public in the wrong way. How do we expect to introduce our passion and hobby to others when you see garbage like this on the web. Sure they all have following. The kind of following that really does not make to much sense. Why would you paint your face red, shove Peppers in your mouth and then proceed to talk about how hot they are after you just got done almost chocking to death on the heat…Listen there are many great reviewers out there that shows you right way to use these peppers. Mike Hultquist from Jalapeno Madness is a great example of how you can use these peppers Everyone knows that peppers are hot so please stop making a fool out of yourself.You want to impress? Try shoveling a piece of lump charcoal in your mouth and tell us how hot that is. Take a look at this video and tell me. We have learn what today?

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