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Letters from HSB Readers

Recently, we’ve recieved a couple of interesting letters from readers of the HSB, so I thought I’d let the regular HSB readers offer their opinion to these chileheads with questions.

Subject:Hey, whimpy hot sauce admirer here with a question

Hey, my name is Brian and today I baught Blair’s sudden death sauce. I like hot sauce and never before had something like this. Im used to the tabasco sauces and Frank’s red hot sauces that are out there. I like those hot sauces and thought I was superier to my friends because I could pour that on my food like it was Ketchup, and my friends couldn’t. Now I tried this Blair’s sudden death sauce and I feel like a boy among men. Where does this rank as far as hottest hot sauces.

After reading your site, it is obviously not too hot for people like you. I enjoyed it to an extent, but i think i might have tried too much… i spread it with a butter knife on a cracker, a very good amount, and the only way i could describe what was going on in my mouth was that it felt like my tounge needed to take a piss. What would be your recommendation for a begginer like myself to try as far as the world of “advanced hot sauces” are goes?

By the way, i love your site and hope to hear back from you.

Brian – First, I would suggest taking a look at the list of hottest hot sauces on SNS, but you’ll notice that Sudden Death isn’t listed. That’s because it has not been tested for an accurate scoville rating. However, if that was a bit to hot for you I would suggest trying a more staggered approach (work your tastebuds up to the level of Sudden Death). Start with sauces like:
Crazy Jerry’s Mustard Gas – 125,000 Scoville Units
TorchBearer Slaughter Sauce – 67,582 Scoville Units
Blair’s After Death – 50,000 Scoville Units
**Note: Slaughter Sauce does not contain any additional extract, so all the heat comes from the flavor of the habaneros.

Re: Help Finding Caribbean Style Yellow Sauce
First I want to say thanks for reading my e-mail… Second thanks for responding with at least a question of another sauce. As I said in my original e-mail Matouks is very familiar in the bottle they use and there Calypso sauce is very familiar in color and taste. Maybe I didn’t stress the fact that we have tried every Matouks sauce and none of them compare to this no name brand sauce we are looking for. When we were buying this particular yellow sauce that came from Trinidad in the local vegetable mart we were also buying Matouks and enjoying them at the same time. We know the difference between Matouks and the sauce we are looking for.

You offered up a red Matouks sauce. We are asking to help find a Bright Yellow sauce from Trinidad that has a very plain non brandaded label that says “West Indies” on the label. The main ingrediant is Habenaro….mango and mustard are ingrediants but not the soul flavor of the sauce. I’m happy I even got a response from you guys but you can do better.

Things to note
1. Bright Yellow in Color
2. Habanero is the main ingrediant. Mango and Mustard are ingrediants but not prominent in flavor.
3. The sauce is from Trinidad but also said “Wets Indies” on the front of the label.



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R –

It wouldn’t happen to be Matouk’s Salsa Picante?


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Subject: Help Finding Caribbean Style Yellow Sauce

Good Afternoon,

I’ve been on a long journey trying to find a certain caribbean style hot sauce I used to be able to buy at a local ethnic vegetable market. This hot sauce came in a jar exactly like Matouk’s hot sauces. The sauce itself was bright yellow in color and looked almost exactly like Matouk’s Calypso Sauce. The label was very plain and generic and had no brand name or any distinguishable features. We do know for sure the sauce was from Trinidad and also said in small text on the front label “West Indies”. The main ingrediant in the sauce was Habanero. Unlike most yellow caribbean sauces Mustard andor Mango was not the main ingrediant and even though they might have been ingrediants in the sauce neither of these items stood out in flavor. It was just a good clean caribbean tasting yellow hot sauce that had a pretty high heat.

Unfortunately we through our bottles out thinking there wouldn’t be a problem buying more but the market is gone and we have no way in finding out how to get it. Matouk’s is the closest thing we can find to this hot sauce but it doesn’t quite cut it. If you have any information at all that can help in finding this no name trinidad yellow hot sauce we would really appreciate your help.

Trinidadian Hot Sauce Lover

Honestly, I’ve looked all over for a plain labeled West Indies hot sauce and I can’t seem to find anything that will work for this guy. Any readers out there with some suggestions?

Nick Lindauer

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