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Limited Edition Autographed Hot Sauce – Deadliest Batch Auction Items

Deadliest Batch Hot Sauce

Deadliest Batch Hot SauceLIMITED EDITION

“Deadliest Batch” Houston Hot Sauce Festival Hot Sauce

Inspired by the Discovery Channel’s highly rated show “The Deadliest Catch”

Autographed by Captain Keith Colburn of the Wizard, Captain Blake Painter of the Maverick
and John “CaJohn” Hard of CaJohns Fiery Foods

There are 3 EBay Auctions for Autographed Hot Sauce

1. Only one of it’s kind
CaJohn’s signature is to the left and Captain Keith to the right.
Captain Blake’s right down the middle of the chili guy (I stopped him and had him sign elsewhere on the next ones)

2. One of only two available
CaJohn’s signature is to the left and Captain Keith to the right of the chili guy.
Captain Blake’s is down the side of the ingredients.

3. This bottle is the first of 6
CaJohn’s signature is to the left and Capt.’s Keith and Blake to the right of the chili guy.

The 2007 Houston Hot Sauce Festival “Deadliest Batch” Hot Sauce
is Red Savina® Habanero Mash. Made from the FIERIEST pepper,
the only additive is a touch of vinegar.

Festival Sauce Produced by:

The sauce was autographed at the festival.

Captain’s Keith and Blake appeared at the Houston Hot Sauce Festival September 22 & 23, 2007.
We had a very cool art design based on our theme “The Deadliest Batch.”

There is more”¦ Limited addition Deadliest Batch T-Shirts, Deadliest Batch Hot Sauce (some with no signatures), autographed pictures of the Wizard,

An autographed 31″ x 48″ Deadliet Batch poster mounted on coreplast, an actual Life Ring from the Wizard autographed by the entire crew, etc.

The Captains graciously autographed a number of items.

Proceeds will benefit Cancer Research

All Ebay items can be viewed at:

Deadliest Batch Hot Sauce

Nick Lindauer

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