Posted July 27, 2007 by ChrisK in Hot Sauce News

Look Out Texas

It seems that life
Is always moving along
Things to look forward to
Helps keep us strong

Just like this blog
It started out small
Nick couldn’t have imagined
It’s be such a draw

From people that eat
Collectors too
Even the manufacturers
There’s a place for all of you

Family’s got bigger
We shared in the great news
Like eman’s and the huv’s
And Uncle Big too

Many different people
From all walks of life
A place that I met
My future wife

Charities popped up
And we all shelled out
It was a chance to help
One another out

The good times
And bad
Lots of joy
Mixed with sad

Any time spent here
If you lurk or post
There is one thing
To remember most

Friends have been made
And people you now know
On the blog, through email
Or sometimes a show

There is one thing in mind
For those that clicked here
It’s about the HOT
That brings us all cheer

Mild to hot
Even the insane burn
There’s a taste for everyone
That we all yearn

Nick mixes it up
N tries to keep it new
Recipes, reviews
And “caption this” too

Many different things
That you just wanna see
So you check it all out
Least daily

There are those that get mad
And storm off the site
Then chat about it offline
As they try to make light

Many grudges have surfaced
We’ve seen this before
Those that get pissed
Always come back for more

Lately it seems
That most of the chat
Is about who has
Each others back

Opinions are rampant
And be they should such
If we were all the same
There wouldn’t be much

But that’s not why we’re here
It’s for the love of the hot
There’s just that one thing
Some have forgot

So even though it does seem
That all chileheads don’t get along
We are still a big family
That keeps us all strong

He doesn’t like him
And they don’t like that
Who said what to whom
Its really just crap

In a bigger picture
Not all people get along
But it doesn’t mean that anyone
Is totally wrong

So carry on
Do as you always do
But remember the folks
That brought this to you

So the time has come
In your life to move on
More school for you the Ex
And Nick gets to cut a lawn

I think it’s safe to say
From all that “live” here
We hope Texas treats you well
And shares you its cheer

So thank you guys
For what you do
It’s appreciated by most
At the HSB crew

Nick and the Ex
I can attest
From the bottom of our hearts
We wish you the best!