Posted March 17, 2006 by clint in Hot Sauce News

Love at First Bite

Do you remember your first time? Cause I do, distinctly. I was at a friend’s house. Things were quiet some cheese was procured from the fridge and…

…a bottle of Dave’s was taken out of the fridge. Prior to this experience I’ve had no experience with anything hotter than Tabasco, I was a heat newb in every sense of the word. I didn’t know who Dave was or what his business was in making a sauce but I decided I would try it anyways. There has always been a fair amount of hot sauce at my buddy Dan’s house Ring of Fire, some crazy cat hot sauce, dried peppers but in my Ming no sauce could ever challenge me. I had heard of habaneros but really what were the chances of me getting any, habaneros to be were like the diamonds of the Sierra Leone, they were almost myth. Anyways with reckless regard I doused 6 cheese blocks with about 3 tablespoons of Dave’s Original Insanity. The first bite 2 blocks of cheese were good and weren’t hot at all, I polished off 2 more…

…that’s when I was thrown into some bizarre new realm of heat. It was something I had not even had time to contemplate. Had I been offered a face-full of flamethrower goo I would have eagerly accepted. I don’t think any of my friends had expected the heat that was Dave’s Original Insanity either. Soon almost all of us were either grasping our throats or blinking profusely because in the chaos many of us got the Dave’s in our eyes. Remember the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan? That was occurred that day, except in a kitchen…I think the dog was nearby. I of course did what I still do to this day when faced with a mind-bending amount of extreme heat: run around like a chicken san’s cerebellum and cry and curse a blue streak.

And that’s how I started my addiction to the hottest sauces in the world.

I was curious to know about yours. We have like what…a billion kabajillion boasts now and I kinda know some of you but I really don’t KNOW you. So put down your first experiences in that nice little comment box and tell the rest of us what and when you got hooked.