Posted October 17, 2004 by Nick Lindauer in Peppers

Love Life a Headache? Hot Peppers to the Rescue

Love Life a Headache? Hot Peppers to the Rescue!
An estimated half million Americans suffer from “sex headaches” or “orgasm headaches,” which tend to occur on a regular basis during or after sex. Sufferers describe it as “pulsating with a lot of pressure from the top of the head down toward the eyes,” according to a study at the University of Munster. It is a relatively harmless headache with no long-term effects, but it certainly can make “getting lucky” seem ironically unlucky. Until recently, modern medicine has found no real answers regarding benign sex headaches. But for the last six months there have been studies suggesting that a capsaicin (hot pepper extract) nasal spray stops and prevents sex headaches within seconds. If further studies prove this theory to be true, imagine the implications… Just add a little fuel to the fire to really get things burning. More info available through SiCap Industries

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