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Lurch reviews Mr Vikki’s Piri Piri Mustard

Mr Vikki's Piri Piri MustardPiri Piri Chillis are more commonly known as called Birds Eye, Piri Piri is Portuguese for “Pepper Pepper”, and as such these chillies have a nice fiery kick. Now pair that fiery kick with Mustard and the result could be something special.

And that’s just what Mr Vikkis has done here with Wholegrain mustard. I have to say that I was introduced to mustard long before chilli, mainly my father’s influence having English mustard on any meat. This must be how I built my heat resistance!

Ingredients: Mustard 60%, White Wine Vinegar, Birds Eye Chilli’s 15%, Salt, Spices

Jar kindly supplied by Mr Vikkis and available from

Wholegrain mustard looks so interesting and inviting with all the seeds in the jar, and the deep yellowy orange colour.

So how will the chilli affect the mustard, will it overpower the flavour? Let’s see…..

The jar gives off the familiar aroma of mustard, there’s no discernible hint of chilli until the taste. The instant mustard hit is followed by the gradual attack of the Piri Piri, it never overtakes the primary taste of mustard. These are two very strong flavours and it could be easy to put in too much chilli and ruin the taste but it doesn’t.

So for £3.50 you get 205g of mustard goodness, I think this will go really well with some cream in a mushroom stroganoff or creamy garlic mushrooms on toast…. Now where did I put the bread?


Value *********~

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