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Mad-Ass – Eve’s Downfall

From Mad-Ass comes a sauce monikered Eve’s Downfall, one that made me smile when I first saw it as I like the cleverness. This product is one of the hotter in their range, but I kind of like the idea that this sauce is made up of Apples and Jolokias, both of which contribute to the downfall of Eve.

The labelling on this jar is a little clearer than that adjourning the Lip Tickler I previously sampled – I can see now that the chilli character logo Mad-Ass are using is laughing evilly, in fact if I look closely enough I’m sure that I can see fangs! Chillies themselves aren’t evil, but the heat certainly can certainly be devilish at times. It comes in the same sizes as Mad-Ass’s other products, the small at £2 and the larger at £5


Braeburn Apples, Jolokia Chillies, Tomatoes, “The Garlic Farm” Garlic, Root Ginger, Balsamic Vinegar, Demerara Sugar, Rock Salt.

The sauce is a darkish brown colour with only the odd bit or two in an otherwise smooth and fairly middling consistency, which will please those whom don’t like the rougher textured bits. Once the lid is off you’re greeted by the smell of chutney – this isn’t that surprising given the ingredients are dominated by apples; it’s quite an inviting and pleasant aroma that bolsters what might be to come from the eating.

Initially on the tongue, there is a touch of sweetness and then almost immediately a lovely and distinct sourness that takes hold – this is shortly followed by a good level of heat that smarts the gums and the back of the throat when swallowed, something that invites another helping.

Mad-Ass has produced an interesting sauce with Eve’s Downfall; with the ingredients you’d expect a more apple flavour to punch through, but what you get is a taste experience that travels from sweet through to hot and it’s lovely. I’d happily have this with my ploughman’s lunch with a smile on my face.

Value *******~~~


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