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Making Your Own Spicy Salt

Bad Idea #1 – Trying this recipe in an unventilated kitchen
Bad Idea #2 – Doing this before going to an important meeting (sneezing fits persist for a few hours)
Good Idea – Try to do this when no one else is around. Be mindful that others might not share your tolerance for spicy foods and will be reduced to sneezing and coughing fits far worse then yours.
Other then that, go for it!

Okay, so the wife scrapped my cooking plans for this weekend (Goodbye Spankopita Diablo 🙁 ) – She want to make some curry, so I’ll try to get in on that and still get you the how to guide. So I was reduced to plan B – Making spicy salt & pepper. This morning I decided to do a quick dry run while she was out shopping, that way she wouldn’t get mad about my mess or the smell.

Step 1: Combine Your Ingredients
Combining Salt and Crushed Red Chile Peppers
For my test version of this how to, I decided to go with Kosher Crushed Salt and Crushed Red Chile Peppers. I simply combined equal parts of both and placed them in a coffe grinder set to coarse.

Step 2: Grinding the Ingredients
Fresh from the grinder
After grinding for about 5 seconds, we have a nicely mixed seasoned salt.
Out of the grinder for a better picture
You can see after we’ve grinded the ingredients, you can see just how well the kosher salt and red chile peppers mixed.

Step 3: Custom Salt Shaker
Custom Salt Shaker
Okay, so I just happened to have already customized an old Tabasco bottle into a salt shaker, I’ll show more on that later.
Finished Product
Now we’ve got a custom salt shaker with a custom seasoning.
This weekend I’ll get into making the salt & pepper shakers and I’ll also try a variety of dried Habaneros, new mexicos and cayenne – Just to mix things up a bit!

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