Posted May 30, 2007 by Nick Lindauer in Hot Sauce News

Man Shot Over Wendy’s Chili Hot Sauce

Gunman’s rage fueled by hot sauce

A Wendy’s restaurant manager almost lost his life to a disgruntled customer. The cause? Hot sauce.

A Wendy’s night manager now knows just how seriously some people take their condiments.

Renel Frage, 20, got shot in a dispute over chili sauce.

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Okay, seriously? I know lots of people have voiced their opinions on the Wendy’s Hot Chili Seasoning thread that I posted a few years back, but I still stand firm in my belief that this stuff is awful and should not be deemed a hot sauce. “Little gold packets of death” was spot on, judging from the above story – who would shoot anyone over some hot sauce (well maybe if a certain collectible was broken…)?

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