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Master of Malt 250,000 SHU Naga Vodka

In my time I have tasted many different chilli vodka’s, admittedly many were homemade by friends. In fact I made my own with whole Naga’s which would strip the enamel off teeth and was totally undrinkable.

I had never tasted a mainstream Chilli Vodka until I was offered a chance to sample Master of Malt’s 100,000 Scoville Naga Vodka some months ago. This was a memorable experience from the guys from Crowborough, East Sussex. This gave me quite a warming feeling with a Naga flavour, but could they go hotter?….. how about 2 ½ hotter? , well here we are.

These guys have sent Chilefoundry some pre-release sample bottles to see what hardened chilli fans think. Now Vodka isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (or spirit !) and especially laced with thousands of scovilles, 250,000 to be precise.

Here is what the four reviewers thought of it:

As you can see from the different reactions in the videos, I think Chilli Vodka is like the well-known yeast extract, you will either love it or hate it!

I personally tried it neat. but also with a mixer after the video and the heat comes through even in the smallest measure. It has a different taste from the milder version, it’s difficult to judge the taste as the heat is sooooooo extreme!!!

I originally guessed that the heat comes from chilli extract, but it does’nt, it comes from Dried Naga pods which are infused into the wheat spirit. Its an impressive level of heat as Im typing this some 40 minutes after trying it and can feel the burn moving across my face, I hope its not melting. You know the creature from Alien, well its blood has nothing on this stuff!

This product launched today, October 1st and is available from  priced at  £31.95 for a 50 cl bottle. As Christmas is fast approaching, it would make a great gift for that “got everything” chillihead in the family. It will also add plenty of spice to any New Year’s Eve party and also melt the winter ice away!


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